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Friday, April 17, 2020

4 colors of love with teacher

4 colors of love with teacher

My teacher called me home. I started real sex by enjoying oral sex with Madam. She was also a confirmed player. I wanted to enjoy the teacher's ass too…

Hi Friends, I am Karan once again with my hot sex story for you guys. You gave so much love to
Pyaar Ke Rang-3
with the teacher , the last part of my teacher sex story, thank you very much for that. Friends, in the last part of the story, I told you that after fucking Tanvi Mam, I went to her house again in the night to kill her pussy.

Arriving at his house, I found that he had already done decoration like euthanasia. Seeing her beauty, I also got excited and both of us enjoyed oral sex very much.

Now I am telling you the story ahead.

We have again come into the stage of 69 to enjoy oral sex. This time she was sucking on my land by applying honey and I was soaking ice in honey and rubbing it on her pussy and sucking it.

Due to the touch of ice, there was a different sensation in her body, which she was taking full revenge on my land, Tanu was also sucking on the land like honey and it would be like to have a lollipop again. .

She was taking my cock inside completely. Sometimes she was licking Tope with the tongue, sometimes she used to take the whole cock to the throat. Tanvi teacher was so adept at sucking cocks that she was not even allowing her teeth to touch on cocks. Only with my tongue and my soft lips was giving me a very pleasant feeling like Jannat.

Water started seeping from her pussy. As soon as a drop of her pussy juice came out, I used to suck her. She was also pressing her pussy repeatedly on my mouth.

Both of us had sucked cocks and pussy while sucking.
Tanu took a cock out of his mouth and sigh… He took a deep breath and said - just Karan, now put your cock inside my pussy. Like my pussy is on fire. Extinguish its fire with the water of your cock, my king.

At his behest, I straightened up. I held him by one foot and put him on each shoulder. His pussy came in front of my cock. I set the pillow below her waist.

Now the teacher's pussy emerged right before me. Seeing her pussy, it seemed as if she herself was giving a hint of fuck by my cock.

If I rubbed my pestle-like cocks with betel nuts on her pussy, then she became nauseous. While moving the supra of cocks on her soft and hot soft pussy, I felt as if I am moving cocks in cream. It was a very lustful moment.

Rubbing on her pussy, the sensation that was happening in the top of the cocks was giving a different fun. On the other hand Tanu's condition was getting worse. Her pussy was heating up like a hot oven.

I rubbed the cocks on the mouth of her pussy twice, then she started chewing her lips under her teeth. Started scratching the bed sheet. Her pussy was coming up again and again and I wanted to take my cock inside myself. But this was not possible.

She was repeatedly trying to get her ass up by licking the ass of cocks in which she was not getting success. I was enjoying watching him suffering like this.
Then she said- Now give bastard too! Do you intend to kill me? How much will I suffer anymore?

I too did not know how to agonize him further. Then I leaned over him a little bit. Leaning over her, I set my cock on top of her pussy.

Then he held both his nipples in his hands. After the whole setting, I hit hard with full force, and my fat cock was licked inside that licky teacher's pussy.

As soon as the cocks went in, a scream came out of his mouth. I got fun of paradise but Tanu's condition got worse due to pain.
She angrily said - what are you doing? Couldn't you put it comfortably? Will kill you at all.

Seeing his pain, I stopped for a moment. Then I pulled the head of the cocks slightly backwards and without pushing out of the pussy, hit it with one more push.

Tanu screamed once again. But in this scream, fun was also included with pain. Friends, when the pussy gets the taste of cocks, it starts enjoying it even in pain. The condition of that teacher's pussy was also the same.

In this way I did it four or five times. I would pull the cocks out lightly and without taking them out again would push the cocks in the pussy. With this, her pussy was completely opened. Her pussy became absolutely wet from inside and her wet pussy was now also helping me to go inside my cock.

Now ahhh from her mouth… they… started to sound like me hard and she also started to fuck her ass by touching her.
In this position, the entire land used to go to the root of her pussy and went inside and was hitting her baby girl. This made both him and me enjoy it.

After fucking like this for 5 minutes, I asked him to change the position. Now she turned back towards me and lay down. I also went after him and uprooted his leg and pushed the cocks into his pussy. Without delay, I again started pushing in her pussy.

Then I told him to hold his leg. He caught his leg. I fastened my hands well on her legs. Then he began to squeeze her pussy. At the same time, I was also biting her neck and doing whatever in between.

He got so much fun with this action that his body started to swell. A squirt of juice came out of her pussy. Inside, I could feel the hot squirt of water coming out of her pussy inside, felt on my cock.

I also increased the speed of my bumps without stopping. She started being in a very drunk state. His eyes started to turn into a trance.

Then I asked him to become a mare. At my behest, she came to the edge of the bed and became a mare. I stood under the bed. My pestle cocks were full of passion and waiting for him to take the right position.

As soon as taking Tanu's position, now both her pussy and ass were bulging in front of me. The doors of her pussy were closed again and again. The same was also with the small pink hole of her ass.

Now I grabbed both her pussy with my hands and put tongue on her ass hole. He might not have even thought that I am going to lick his ass. As soon as my tongue hit her ass hole, she cried.

I also started licking her hole with the tongue. My tongue started going inside her ass hole. Gradually her ass started giving way to my tongue. I was surprised that he was enjoying ass licking. She was getting filled with fun.

In her ass, I was licking with the tongue and during this time she herself was rubbing her pussy with her hand. Then he put his finger in her pussy. She started fingering her pussy. With one hand he started rubbing his cock. The sister-in-law was enjoying the ass licking.

Since his mouth was buried in the bed, his henchmen were coming out as buried. Unh… with the sound of high she was pressing her tit while caressing his pussy.

Now I removed the tongue from her ass and gave my finger in her ass. She had a slight pain but she was so drunk that she did not know much.

I started to finger in the teacher's ass. First I was moving one finger and then I put two fingers. He started enjoying it too. His ass hole was also slowly becoming loose.

Then I immediately took out the finger and gave the tongue again in his ass hole. I licked her hole a couple of times and told her - Get ready, sweetheart, my Aloda is now ready to enter.

He also gave his ass as if by provoking his ass. I held the hand in his hand and started rubbing it from his pussy to the ass, which made the ground wet with his chutras.

Then I took a little spit and put it in her ass and put it on the little land and put Tope on her ass hole. She was also fully geared up to get her ass inaugurated with my cock.

Putting it on his ass hole, I slowly started penetrating the top hat. As soon as the supra started entering her ass hole, she started to ache. But at the same time she was also trying to bear the pain.

To reduce his pain, I stopped only by pushing the topa of cocks. I started pressing her milk and kissing her back and waist. While kissing, I also started kissing her neck.

Now when she became normal again and began to shove the ass, then I caught both her cocks loudly and with full force put her lund in her ass.

She could not tolerate this attack and began to trap the bed sheet in her mouth. I also felt as if my cock had been chipped. One, his ass hole was very small. Secondly, his ass fuck had never happened before.

I stayed for a while to give relief to both. Then started caressing her milk and pussy. It took three-four minutes for it to become normal, then I slowly started to push it.

At first he continued to ache but after two minutes his ass started to open. She also started enjoying cocks in her ass. Siskarias were slowly coming out of his mouth. Ahh… came… sensual sounds like wool were echoing all over the room.

After five minutes like this, I started fucking her ass fast. His ass was now feeling rash. The speed became so fast that his whole body started shaking. In the teacher's ass my cock was getting out inside with full speed.

Seeing him kissing me in this way, my enthusiasm was growing more. I was fucking her ass in full speed. My cock started to thrive. It seemed that the cocks would burst inside his ass.

I had now reached my zenith. On the other hand, Tanu's siskaris were also pointing out that she is going to fall.
She was sobbing loudly and saying - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. ..

Just before my loss, her pussy left water. Only after a few seconds of that did I start losing. I removed my semen in her ass.

After two minutes my cock became loose, so I pulled the cock out of her ass. I started looking at her ass. His small hole which was pink, now it was opened. The view inside him had turned red. Again and again, her ass hole was closed and opening again.

My juice started to lime out from the ass of Teacher Mam. Due to repeated opening and closing, semen was coming out of his ass. I applied the juice of my cock coming out of her ass on my finger and turned it towards her mouth.

She licked my semen finger. After that he also took my cock in the mouth and cleaned all the material on my cock. We were both very tired. Our breath was moving fast.

We lay on each other with arms in arms. After some time, he again started having fun. She brought cashew-almond and saffron in two glasses of milk from the kitchen. After drinking that milk, once again we got excited.

We did a lot of fucking on that whole night. The next day was Sunday, so I was not worried about anything and he was not worried about going to work either. I woke up at 5 in the morning and quietly left his quarters and came to my hostel.

My relationship with the teacher lasted for a year. Whenever she used to scold or reprimand me, I used to get her revenge in the night. I was also a little smarter in studies, so my marks also came better by teaching him.

After that I moved to Delhi again. After coming to Delhi, I lost my relationship with him. I missed him for a long time. His cocky movements often disturbed my cock in the night and I slept with my face.

Friends, this was my sex and love story with my teacher. If you liked my story, then tell me through your responses. I will be waiting for your response, how did you like this story of sexuality.

If your response is good, then I will also share with you the incidents of sex in Delhi.

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