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30-year-old English teacher's seal broken

30-year-old English teacher's seal broken

I am very fond of pussy licking. I was looking for a new girl. On a social site, I befriended a 30-year-old English teacher girl. When I fucking him…

Hello friends, my name is Jeet and I am Delhi NCR. I am a resident of
I am 28 years old and my height is 5.7. My cock has dug up the roots of good girls and bhabhis. To this day, whomever I have been in, she appreciates my cock tremendously.

I am a regular reader of Entrustasana and have been reading Chudai's stories for a long time on this site. Today I want to tell you my real story which is Sangeeta (name changed) and my real sex story living in Rewari. This is my first story on entrapment.

Sangeeta is an English teacher in a school and is the mistress of a beautiful beauty, seeing that even the cocks of old men stand up to cover her. His 36 inch balls, 32 milk-like waist and 38 inch cool butts can drive anyone crazy.

It is about the time when I had a breakup with my old girlfriend and I was looking for a new girl because I am very fond of licking her pussy.
Till date I have killed many girls and sisters-in-law, but the matter of Sangeeta is something else.

My friend told that she has got a girlfriend on a social site, so I too downloaded that app and I spoke to Sangeeta a few days later.

After talking for about 10 days, we got a plan to meet and I reached Rewari to meet him.

When I saw him in front of me for the first time in real, I kept looking at him. He was wearing a jacket and blue jeans over a white T-shirt, out of which his 36 inch Tits were clearly visible. His ass was very bulging.

I was thinking that I should just chod it in the car now, but I stayed a little bit and I opened the car door and made him sit in the car. He liked it so much that I opened the car door for him.

Then we both went to a mall in Gurugram and talked a lot to know each other. We were talking for about 10 days, then within a short time we both started talking to each other very openly.
Then I told him that I had just had a breakup with a girl.

In response to this, he said that he has not had any boyfriend till date. And no cocks have knocked on her pussy till date.
In my mind, I felt that Sangeeta is lying because almost no girl remains unconscious till the age of 30 today.

Then we had dinner together and after staying there for a while I returned to leave her.
That day nothing happened between us.

Then after that our meeting increased.

And finally one day when we came out of the mall to go back to Rewari, I asked her to suck cocks and she agreed to suck cocks.
I took the cocks in the car parking lot in the mall parking lot and gave it to his hand and grabbed his head and pushed it towards the cocks.

That quote - it's too long to win, I won't be able to take it.

But on my saying it again and again, he started sucking cocks. It is the matter of December 2018, in the winter, his hot lips were moving on the top of my cock.
Wow what cocks she sucked!

I fell in her face in about 10 minutes and she drank all my goods. He had a lot of trouble drinking my goods.

Then we started out towards home.

Now a lot of talk of pussy fuck was started between us and Sangeeta agreed to fuck me after my force.

As usual I reached Rewari to pick up Sangeeta and from there went straight to my friend's flat in Delhi. As soon as I entered the room, I nailed Sangeeta. She wore a red bra and panty that day.
I threw her bra and panty out.

That day, I saw Sangeeta naked for the first time and my cock was in bad shape.
I immediately put my lips on Sangeeta's warm lips without waiting, she also supported me.

Then I took off all my clothes and put Sangeeta on her knees and pointed to the cocks and asked her to suck. Like Sangeeta Randi playing with my cock with my tongue and lips.
I liked sucking his cock very much.
She licks my pills while sucking cocks.

Then I put her on the bed and came on top of her and started sucking her Titsi.
What was the teat of Sangeeta… a very balloon-like appearance and a perfectly red nipple in the middle.

Meanwhile, Sangeeta said - Jeet, can you lick my pussy?
I was going crazy. And on hearing this, we came into the 69 position. I started licking Sangeeta's pussy which had no hair on it. And she started eating my cock till her throat.

Licking her pussy, she was so hot that she was pushing her butts towards my mouth.

About 10 minutes later Sangeetha held me and she collapsed.
At the time of her fall, I turned away and got up and grabbed her hair very hard and started fucking her face with cocks.

Then after 5 minutes I fell and I dropped all my goods on her Titsi. She started rubbing my goods on her nipples. Then we both went to the bathroom and cleaned each other.

After coming from the bathroom, we lay down together. I gave my cock in her hand to caress and I started playing with her Titsi.

In a short time my cock was ready for her fuck. By that time also I felt that Sangeeta must have got her fuck done with several cocks earlier.

Then I brought Sangeeta under me and after coming over her, I started sucking her nipples. And I put one finger in her pussy. Her pussy was getting wet but it seemed absolutely tight.

Sangeeta got hot in a while. I understood that now is the right time to hit the hammer.
I set the topa of my cock on her pussy and gave a good blow to her pussy. The top of my cock penetrated her pussy and she screamed. His eyes started watering.

But I did not pity him. I understood then that it has not really fuck anyone till date. But I was going to say… I kept her lips on her lips and closed her mouth so that she could not scream.

After waiting for a bit, I hit Sangeeta with her hands and hit another forceful blow in her pussy. Due to this shock, almost all my cocks measured the depth of her pussy.
She could not bear this shock, she was suffering like a fish.

But I did not pay any attention to her and kept sucking her lips. He had also bitten my lip in anger.

After a while she started to become normal and I slowly started hitting her pussy.

Soon, Sangeeta started supporting me but she was in a lot of pain. She started hitting her butts on my cock. Gradually, his pain turned into fun.

Now she had come on top of my cock and was bouncing on my cock and fucking her pussy.
Jumping Sangeeta's feet were also jumping with her shaking. His pussy was tightened that in every stroke, it was realized that he had his roots himself.

Then I removed Sangeeta from her top and gave the cocks to her mouth. She started sucking him like a prostitute. Now she was enjoying it and me too.

In the 20-minute fuck, Sangeeta had to fall 2 times and then I also fell in her pussy in 20-25 minutes while lying down in her pussy and lying on top of it.
She was turning her hand on my waist and complaining - Jeet you are absolutely an animal, you did not care for me at all.

Then I separated from him and saw that there was a lot of blood on the bed sheet.
I congratulated Sangeeta - today you have become a full-fledged girl.

Then we cleaned ourselves and started fucking again after a while.
That day I got Sangeeta 4 times.

Later I broke his ass seal too .

After some time, his transfer to Orissa and now we are unable to meet each other, sometimes only on the phone.

He is going to get married soon, so he told me that we should separate now.

Friends, this was my real chudai story. I sincerely hope that my true story will have fun for all of you. The story would have liked. Tell me on my mail so that I can write more stories of mine.

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