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Story of my first fuck

Story of my first fuck

I am going to share my first sex story with you all, so I will definitely read it once. My name is Sunita and I am from Mumbai. I have done my studies in a girls' school since the beginning, so as soon as I came to study in college, from the first year my attraction towards other men was increasing.

Now let me introduce myself a little bit. I am a fair-skinned, slim girl who maintains my body in the gym. I am very fond of exercising, so my body seems very bulging. My hair is curly and my eyes are natural brown, seeing that only good boys will get cocks.

I was put in a girls' school in my childhood, so I didn't have much interest among boys. Even a boy Saurabh used to wait for me outside my school every day to see me, but I did not even look at him.

As soon as I came to college to complete my first year of education, my attention was not diverting from the boys here. Even the boy who used to come to see me outside my school was studying in my own college. Saurabh had now made his body completely strong. Hi, I would have flattened to see his body. By now Saurabh's height had also become very tall, and he started looking quite attractive.

While in college, Saurabh and I started talking a little bit. He often used to come to my house to take copies and notes from me. I did not even know when I became a lover of Saurabh, but now many saree girls like me used to die on Saurabh, so I think it is very difficult to get him trapped in his web. I used to talk to Saurabh everyday, we used to laugh a lot together.

One day while laughing at similar things, I snatched away his mobile from Saurabh and brought him to his house, he shouted at me a lot and said that I will come to your house to take notes, then give me my mobile too. , Okay?

I said okay, and came home with her mobile. After coming home, I do not know what to recommend in my mind, I thought that why Saurabh's mobile should be checked once. And then shortly after, I removed Saurabh's mobile from his bag and started checking it. As soon as I saw his mobile, my eyes remain torn. Some porn videos were read inside Saurabh's mobile, which leaves my eyes red. Till date, I had seen only a few Hollywood porn movies on TV, so watching porn was completely new to me. I suddenly felt strange while watching porn, so I closed Saurabh's mobile and put it in my bag again. After some time Saurabh comes to my house to take notes. As soon as Saurabh asks for my mobile, I hand him the mobile and ask him, "Saurabh, do you watch porn videos?" When I saw your mobile, there was some porn video in it. Saurabh was shocked at hearing this, but not making matters much bigger, he started laughing and said, "Yes, some of my friends send it on WhatsApp, they are very mischievous, so my mobile gets downloaded. There is nothing new in this, it is a common thing to be there at this age. And just saying that, Saurabh returns from my house to his house. I and Saurabh do not meet each other for a few days, then one day Saurabh comes to my house to take notes. Everybody went out at my house, so I was alone at home. I called Saurabh inside the house, and then the two of us started laughing and laughing like everyday. Then suddenly Saurabh said to me, do you want to watch porn videos just like the same day The I remembered everything, yet I made it unknown and told Saurabh what kind of day? 

So, without saying anything, Saurabh kept a mobile in front of me while opening a new video and said look at it, it has come completely new in the market. As soon as I saw the video, a black boy making a dog a dog is fucking him fast, and the girl is screaming loudly. My eyes were completely red after watching the video again. I was so lost watching the video, I had no idea what was happening around me. On that day, I was wearing a red skirt and a bad shirt. I was completely lost in the video and only then one of Saurabh's hands goes inside my shirt and lightly presses my boobs.

I had read very hot to see this happening, and my breath had started getting too heavy. I was feeling a little tingling after watching the video, and it started to lighten in my mouth too. While watching the video, I did not know when Saurabh held my hand and put it inside his shots. I felt the cock of a man in my hand for the first time. I felt all this strange. I also tried to move his cock slowly as I was watching the girl shaking the boy's cock inside the porn video. Saurabh's cock was quite stiff and big 6 inches. Both of us were busy watching porn when I did not know when my family came home after shopping. Saurabh and I quickly stopped the porn and Saurabh quickly lifted his paint, and with that we did not let anyone know what was going on inside. Sometime there, Saurabh stopped to study. Pretended And from there he got up and left for his house. After some time, my mother told me that she is going out with the whole family at night and will come back by 10 pm, till then I have to stay here at home with my younger brother Nihal. I got an opportunity and told my mother that - "Mommy, if you want, you can take Nihal with you, I will call Saurabh here and we will study together." My family used to trust Saurabh very much, because my mother and Saurabh's mother were very good friends. The mother agreed to me, but my younger brother Nihal was also asked to stay at home with us. As soon as the night happened, my mother told Saurabh to stay at my house till my family comes back from outside. 

Saurabh also comes to my house by 7 o'clock. Now we were both at home, and my brother Nihal was also present with us. Saurabh knew that Nihal loves playing video games, so he brought some new video game CDs for Nihal. After some time Nihal started going to another room to play video games and Saurabh and I also locked a room from outside and sat inside. For some time, Saurabh and I started talking to each other in jest and sharing old things with each other. Then suddenly Saurabh told me that "Sunita, I have brought a new porn video, would you like to see it?" I said yes to him by smiling slowly at the gesture of my neck. In the meantime, Saurabh started the instant porn video and gave the mobile in my hand. I was busy watching porn in mobile. Inside the porn, a girl almost 21 years older than me was fucking a big boy in a very heartless way, seeing that my excitement was also increasing. Now I was busy watching porn and in this time Saurabh took off all his clothes and threw them down, Saurabh was completely naked. And now Saurabh started pressing my boobs from outside. I was wearing a lower and top, Saurabh was pressing my boob harder. By now I was very hot. After some time I looked at Saurabh, and Saurabh smiled and stripped me of all my clothes. This time Saurabh also seemed to be in a very mood, he was not shy at all. After some time Saurabh stripped me to bed and pushed me towards the bed, and just like that, I started to get naked and started banging my boobs loudly. He was constantly kissing me from boobs to my throat and body. After some time he sat me on the bed again or so and asked me to suck his hard aloda. As soon as I took his load in my mouth I felt very dirty and I refused to suck his aloda. 

After some time Saurabh again pushed me to bed, and spread my legs on his shoulder. At first, Saurabh kept looking at my naked penis for a while, then rubbed his hard cock on my naked cock. And then slowly put my cock inside my cock, I was in a lot of pain. But Saurabh was slowly caressing me with love, till he got his aloda to the top and started to suck my cock inside and out. After some time, Saurabh suddenly removed his load inside my cock in one stroke. A loud scream came out of my mouth, and blood started dripping from between my legs, I started crying a lot. Saurabh suddenly fell in love with me and took me towards the bathroom, silencing me and cleaning my feet with cloth. After some time, Saurabh again made me a mare and started banging me very hard by putting cocks in my cock from behind. I started to have a lot of pain for a while, but after a while my pain stopped and ah, ah, oh, oh my mouth Ammmm's voice started coming. I told Saurabh more vigorously. So far Saurabh was also fucking me with his full speed. After some time, Saurabh's semen was about to come out, he immediately took out his cock from my cock and while there he dumped his semen in the bathroom. After some time I put on my clothes and Saurabh was also ready to wear clothes. We cleaned the room very well, because it was time for the housemates to come. After some time Nihal also came out of his room and started saying that "Didi I am feeling hungry". I went to the kitchen to make something for Nihal, and Saurabh started talking with Nihal. Shortly after, my family members also came there, and Saurabh went home from there saying goodbye to me and my family. The next few days I did not go to college, and then a few days later as soon as I started coming to college. Saurabh was happy to see me, I felt quite strange because I had even done sex with Saurabh after getting excited. But Saurabh started talking to me in jest like before and I too started feeling normal again. Suddenly again, Saurabh said things to me that I have brought a new porn, when is the plan to see it again…? You all commented to me and told how did you like this story? If you want part 2 of it too, then tell us in the comment.

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