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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sister-in-law taught me how to fuck

Sister-in-law taught me how to fuck

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope it will be good and we will also be enjoying the stories that make our cocks in the cold. Friends, today's story is going to be very special and this story is based on a true incident in my life. With this story your cock will stand up and you will also get to learn a lot. So let's start this story without delay.

This is about 2 years ago when I was about 21 years old. Right from the age of 21, the ghost of acting was riding on my head. I started modeling and gym a long time ago. My height was very long and the body was also very good. I used to feel like an actor. I had made myself so attracted that every girl who saw me used to fall in love with me.

At that time, I did not want to get into these rounds at all at that time because I used to be very worried about my career. I had made my body quite good in a few years. Now I was thinking why not try my hand in Mumbai to go into acting now.

Our house was in Indore, so it was difficult to persuade mother and father to let me go to Mumbai. But after all, I had already convinced my parents for this. Within a few days I had set out on a journey to Mumbai to fulfill my dream. I found everything very easy but after reaching Mumbai it came to know that thousands of people like me have come here to become actors. In Mumbai, I had rented a small house where 2 boys lived like me.

Both of them were living in that room for a year. Seeing both of them, I understood that my journey is not as easy as I was thinking. I stayed in Mumbai for a few months, but my hands had not been able to find anything yet. Gradually my money was also getting exhausted and I could no longer ask for more money from my family members. The passion of acting was so much inside me that I did not want to leave Mumbai and go home too.

A few days later I started looking at things that I could actually do. I was a educated man, so I had started going to a coaching center that was told by my roommates to teach coaching to the students of class 10th.

With the money of coaching, the cost of eating and drinking in my room used to go away very well, but I could not understand how long it would last. Once upon a time, in coaching, a sister-in-law named Savita came to send her child to 10th standard coaching and said to me, "You will teach my child well and take good care of it."

You do not worry, we will take good care of its studies - I said while answering

Sister-in-law kept staring at me for a while and then she had left from there. I used to recognize the eyes of women quite well, so I did not feel good about Savita's intention. Savita Bhabhi used to come to leave her child coaching everyday and used to stand outside and stare at me. Savita Bhabhi's eyes were often on my cock.

One day a sister-in-law came in coaching and started saying, "Can you teach my child at home?" Because a lot of my time is wasted visiting. I am also ready to give you extra money for this. I did not like the intention of sister-in-law at all, but I was also compelled to pay money.

I agreed to teach his child at home and from the very next day he started going to his house to teach his child.

I used to teach Savita's sister-in-law and sister-in-law used to stare at me only. The next day my head was hurting a lot but due to need of money I could not take a coaching leave. So after coaching, I went to the sister-in-law's house to teach her child.

I was repeatedly shoving my head, during this time, sister-in-law asked me, "What happened to your head?"

Yes Bhabh, he did not sleep well last night in the process of making paper for the children - I said while answering

Just bring such a thing, I massage your head - sister-in-law said with a smile

I had refused her sister-in-law, but still do not know why she was adamant. He immediately heated the oil and started massaging my head. After the head, he also asked me to get a foot massage, but I flatly refused. Sister-in-law was unable to agree and she started massaging my feet too. I did not always allow any woman to come close to me, but sister-in-law was constantly touching my thighs.

A long wide tent was stretched in my paint by the sister-in-law's touch. As soon as the sister-in-law saw my tent taut, she first smiled a little and started turning her hand on my cock. I immediately stood trembling and walked away from there, telling the child "I will study further tomorrow."

Remembering everything that happened to me that day, my sleep was blown away. I had thought that now next day I will not go to her house to teach her baby. The next day when I did not go to her sister-in-law's house, she got a call that you have not come to teach my child yet? How will it go? If you do not come, then we will not give you the fees for this month. Sister-in-law knew how to attack a sore nerve and knew that I was in special need of money, so she was being threatened with money.

I left early that day to teach the sister-in-law's child. As soon as I went to the sister-in-law's house, I found that the sister-in-law's child I had to teach is not at home. When I asked her sister-in-law that she had said her child, her sister-in-law said, "He has gone to his grandmother's place?"

"So why did you call me today?" - I asked my sister-in-law

"My child is not there, so what happened today, you only read me" - Sister-in-law replied while saying

"I don't like such a joke at all" - I started going from there

Sister-in-law knew my weakness very well, he stopped me and held the bag of 2 lakh rupees in my hand and said - "You will get very good price for this"

I was blinded by the money. I asked sister-in-law, "What do I have to do for this?"

"You don't have to do anything, leave everything to me", while saying so, the sister-in-law put her lips on my lips and started kissing me. They tore my shirt with their hands and threw it on the ground. Now she was kissing my body like a sensual woman. While kissing my upper side, Savita Bhabhi also reached my paint. He removed my belt immediately and also opened my paint. Sister-in-law immediately took me to the bedroom and put me to bed.

Sister-in-law, one after the other, all my clothes were being removed in front of me, seeing that my cock was very much erect. Now sister came to me and started sucking my cock. I was trying to stop them by saying "Ah sister-in-law what are you doing, oh ah ah bhabhi". Even though I was stopping them, but my excitement had increased considerably, now I also wanted to spank Bhabhi.

Sister-in-law was sucking my cock so much that only semen came out of my cock. Sister-in-law had taken my hot and thick semen around her neck. I had fallen completely cold by now but the law had become obsessed with sex. I was lying down so much that my sister came over my LND and started to set my cock with my cock and started fucking me up and down. Once I fell down, my cock was quite taut.

Sister-in-law kept on fucking me for a long time and after some time I fell again and I had put my thick and hot semen in the law. That day, sister-in-law had almost chudai me twice. She used to pay me a good fee every time. Now I did not even have to do a job. I did not want to do wrong things for money but I was very much compelled. But ultimately, due to my hard work, I was very close to becoming an actor.

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