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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ramya's first fuck

Ramya's first fuck

Hi friends, I am writing this story by my friend, hope you guys will enjoy my name is Sanjay and I am from Rajasthan.

I teach in an English tuition. I am a 25 year old young man. I am fair and tall in appearance. Some time ago I used to go every evening to teach my aunt's little girl, named Ramya, who was in a distant relationship living in her neighborhood. She was eighteen years old and beautiful in appearance, her tits were relatively big, which made my cock stand and also wanted to fuck her. I used to read to her brother, often come out of the room and talk to Ramya.

I did not know when the two of us fell in love and now we used to talk to each other a lot on the phone. While talking to Ramya, I would sometimes hold her hand, sometimes put her hand around her neck and touch her tits, sometimes I would press them. But Ramya did not say anything for all this and smiled. Often my mind was touched by touching her balls.

Sometimes I used to suck her cunts out of her clothes for a long time, sometimes I put my hand in her kurta and pressed it on top of the bra and sometimes put my hand in it. Sometimes he used to put his finger in her pussy and remove Ramya's sobs. True friends, I cannot forget those beautiful moments. Ramya was a raw bud that I was enjoying.

One day when I went out of my house for some work, I got a call from Ramya and she said that today there is no one at her house and she is going to take a bath. Hearing this, Ramya's bathing picture started appearing in my mind and I started making her think of fucking.

I thought that there is a chance today, I do not know when I get it. I immediately finished my work and left for Ramya's house. When I reached Ramya's house, she was her friend at home. I asked her where Ramya is, so she said that she is taking a bath in the bathroom. Hearing this, my cock got erected even more quickly and the mind started to make famous casserole of his fucking.

I told Ramya's friend that I am going home. Saying that I came out of her house and after about five minutes I went back, Ramya's friend was in the room and I quietly went to the bathroom. There I saw that Ramya was absolutely naked, she only wore panties and soap on her face.

I was stunned to see her naked body. Her cunts were in front of me as if inviting me to quench my lust. I went to Ramya and picked up the soap and rubbed it on her white body. Ramya panicked and quickly washed her face and started asking who is it? So I told that I am your friend .. and will give you real fun today.

Ramya said, her friend will come, so I said that if she comes then she will also enjoy this paradise with us. While saying this, I grabbed both her nipples and started kissing her lips like crazy. Then he took turns sucking his nipples in turn. Ramya's Tits were small but she was having great pleasure in pressing and sucking. Now Ramya was slowly warming up. He removed his panty with his own hands and grabbed my head and started licking his pussy and started saying - “Lick… aaaahhhhhhh… aaaaahhhhh…. Shassssssssssss…. ”

I was licking her pussy with my tongue. Sometimes licking her thighs, sometimes she used to finger in and out of her pussy. She had short hair on her pussy. She was grabbing my head and licking her pussy in such a way that if her just goes, then put my head inside the pussy.

Now my LND was also yearning to come out and was unable to enter my bill. I also took off my clothes and gave my cock in Ramya's hand and asked her to suck it, then Ramya started blushing. I told him that you will enjoy it only then it will give you complete fun. Then Ramya started sucking my LND.

Shortly after I lay Ramya on the floor and put my cock in her pussy. She screamed in pain. He was in a lot of pain. She started asking to remove the cocks. But where I was going to believe, I started to kiss her lips by holding her tits and slowly started to insert my cock in and out of her pussy. After a while, more than half of my cock went inside Ramya's pussy. He also started having fun.

I was also sucking Ramya's Tits in between. Later I made Ramya stand by the wall and hold her tits from behind and put LND in her pussy from behind. Now I was fucking her loudly. In this fun we had forgotten that his friend is also in the nearby room.

While fucking Ramya, my hands used to caress her pussy and sometimes her pussy. Meanwhile, Ramya had fallen. I also fell down after about twenty minutes and put all my goods in Ramya's mouth.

Then came the voice of Ramya's friend that she was going home. Hearing this, both of us jumped in joy. We both stayed together for a long time, bathed and later picked her up in our arms and laid her on the bed in the room. Ramya went there sucking my cock, Then I remembered a scene from a blue-film in which a man puts his cock in the gap between the girl's pussy and moves it back and forth. I too like Ramya placed my cock in the middle of her pussy and back and forth and kept playing with her pussy for a long time. That day, I fucking Ramya five times.

After making that raw bud a flower, I came back to my house calling it 'I love you'.

So guys, how did you like my story, mail me your thoughts.

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