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Monday, March 30, 2020

My first honeymoon experience

My first honeymoon experience

Hello friends, my name is Lina, my age is 25 and my figure is 36-29-38. Friends, this is my first fun night, meaning my honeymoon story. I had fun with my husband in many different ways in the same way and both of us were very happy, but today I am going to write a true incident of my own at the behest of him. In this story in my friends, today I have come to tell you in full detail how and what happened to me on my first honeymoon and I hope that you will definitely like it. Friends, before my marriage, I was in love with a beautiful good looking boy for a long time and look at my luck, after that I got married to the same boy, that is, with whom I had a love affair for a whole year. Has become a husband and my husband's name is Sunil. He looks like me and is very good at behavior and he loves me a lot. I am very sexy like them too and I love them very much, they like my beautiful bulging beautiful chest, seeing which they always lose their senses He used to sit and with his astonished temptation, he used to stare at my boobs, whenever he would get a chance, he would start pressing my nipples and rubbing my nipples and if he would just walk, he would fuck me before my marriage and become the mother of his children They would give, but not one of them did before me and they did their wish for euthanasia. Friends, both of us had been in love for almost a year and in the meantime, we both took a lot of walks and had a lot of fun.

It was very nice for both of us to spend our time sitting with each other and talking and without meeting we did not like at all. Then one day after daring many people to tell all the truths of our heart to our people, we got married after thinking about them. Friends, till that year we were not married, till then both of us only had fun from above means kissing each other, Squeezing the boobs over the clothes, we used to have fun by clinging to each other for a long time and never did we mean anything more than inside, just pressing my boob's nipple on top of my clothes and making me excited But then one day when after the talk of our marriage, he told me that now we are going to get married too, so we already have a little Let's experience it and by doing this you will not feel much pain on the first night and both of us will have full fun on that first night, both of us will experience it. Then I told them that it would be wrong to do all this now, so we can do this work only after marriage. I want to know about the true meaning of sex and its fun on the first night itself, not before marriage. You should teach me everything that night, I will not refuse you then. Friends, now it is my journey from that fun cool honeymoon to Hanimoon in which my husband did all the things he wanted and could not convince him on his behalf. So friends, now all of you read with a little attention, that true event of my honeymoon with my true love in which he gave me all the fun. Friends went to her bedroom that night at about 11 buzzers, They were eagerly waiting for me there. At that time I had a glass full of milk in my hand and I went and gave it to him. So he said to me that what will happen to me with so much milk, sweetheart, am I going to drink a lot of milk today? At that time, he understood the meaning of that matter immediately on which side is his point, what do he want from me, what is his intention to work with me? So I smiled and said to him that yes, well, today you can drink whatever you want and I don't have any objections from it and anyway Now all this is for you only. Then at that time, I grabbed my hand with a jerk and made me sit on the bed and took that glass of milk in his hand and after drinking some milk, he gave that glass to me and then I also drank it and put that glass on a side table. And then they told me.

Sunil: Leena, my darling, today you are looking very sexy in this sari, today I will not let you sleep all night, because today I will have to see one part of you and I want to see you down to the top. Today, you fulfill my wish quickly.

In: Will you do it all night? You are very sexy and I like you very much, I love you very much.

Sunil: Yes, I love you very much too.

Then after saying so, he put his hand around my neck and started kissing me, for the first time, by kissing French, he was the one who taught me how to do it and he does very well. Licking my lips with my tongue, licking it with pleasure and then pressing it gently with my teeth and sucking my tongue with pleasure, whenever I do this with me I enjoy it and whenever Kiss what Then one of their hands remains on my boobes, so they keep rubbing my boobes very slowly with them, ehhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like it very much and when they press my boobs, they also enjoy it so much, Because they like my boobs too. Not only my friends, but all the girls' pretty big size attractive boobs attract them. Now they started taking off my deep And wherever my body part was seen open to him, he was doing whatever he was doing there. He kissed me several times with my lips on my neck, on shoulders, on my lips and after that he was pressing my boobs too and then he pressed my boobs very hard.

Gave, which caused me great pain, ahhhhhhh, the sound of SCEEEE came out of my mouth and I started telling them that please do it a little slowly or it hurts me a lot.

Sunil: My darling, you just got scared due to this pain, now you will have even more pain when I break your seal, then you will have to bear all that today.

In: What does a seal mean? Which seal are you telling me to break?

Sunil: My love today, when my cock will be in your pussy for the first time, then the seal of your virgin pussy will be broken by those bumps and after that you will not be a virgin, now you will see what I do in my life and before marriage. You never let me do anything, so today I am going to make you married to a virgin girl.

I: Hearing all those things of your husband, you are blushing and you are very naughty, only then see how dirty dirty things you talk to me? You don't feel ashamed at all.

Sunil: My love is real fun in this, you will also have a lot of fun with me after a while and now you are a virgin so you feel so scared, but once you enjoy sex with me, you too You will ask me to go ahead with myself and have fun with me.

Friends, after telling me so much, they immediately laid me on the bed and they also lay down near me. After that he started kissing me and after kissing me for some time, he removed my sari from the top of my boob and now he started kissing both of my boobes from the top of my blouse, Ahhhhhh I loved them doing all this with me and then they told me that I am going to fuck you very much today. I will erase all your pain in him and anyway you have persecuted me for this many times, I am going to bite your boob's nipple today. Then I listened to them and blushing asked them, what else would you do with me today?

Sunil: Today I will suck your boobs and drink their juice and kiss you from top to bottom, kiss each of your organs.

Then after telling me so much, he opened the buttons of my blouse and then he started pressing my boobs on top of the bra and caressing them. Then after some time they completely removed my blouse, due to which I now had a bra and at the same time, by taking one hand behind my waist, I also opened the hook of my bra, Because of which now both of my blond soft boobs had come in front of her and she was very sexy and posing with her nipple passionately. Then he could not stop himself and immediately with my nipple in his mouth he started sucking and along with the other boobs he kept pressing on with one hand and now started filling in sighs uhhhfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Then Sunil pulled out the nipple from his mouth and asked me, how was it? I said very good and now I held him tightly and then he kissed me slowly while kissing me on my white soft belly and now one of his hands was going inside my belly and he was on my fair blonde and thick thighs Was moving Tell your friends the truth of your mind, I am very hot now because of all these things It was done, then he took off his shirt and after putting his hand inside the lungi, he also took off his underwear and threw it away, because he too was very excited and then opened the pulse of my belly and put it down. Due to this, due to which I was just lying in panty in front of Sunil and then he told me. Sunil: Yes, you look very good looking like this So this figure of yours is throwing a lot of doom on me, my life and your boobs are very attractive and this light black nipple on it, wow its fun, for the first time today I have seen you completely naked. Is youth I will kiss you today and kiss this blond person If I had seen you like this, you would not have been a virgin yet, when I would have given you a fuck. Now once again he started sucking my nipple in his mouth and at the same time he started moving my hand on my pussy and in between he rubbed my pussy too and said, Wow my sexy sweetheart your pussy has emerged so much Hui is attractive and maybe even has hair 

No, wow, what is cool, today I am going to give it a lot of fun with my cock, which you will remember all your life.

In: I'm very shy.

Sunil: Yes, all your shame will go away and when I will fuck you after putting my 6 cocks in this pink pussy after a while, you will start leaving Sharam and enjoy it.

At that time, after listening to all these things and with the touch of their hands, I was now very hot and I was thinking in my mind that when will I be fucking? And just now I was trying to enjoy it completely and at the same time they also removed my panty and they bent down and did a kiss on top of my pussy. Was feeling Then I told him that you have seen everything of mine till now, But so far I have not shown anything to myself. Then he said that yes okay see and then he held my hand and placed it on his cock and I grabbed his cock on top of the lungi, I felt scared with my own hand and I was amazed. In: OOOEEE mother how big is your?

Sunil: Yes sweetheart, when it goes inside you, it will become even bigger.

In: Yes, but will it grow so big inside me?

Sunil: Yes, initially both of us will have a little difficulty, but after that, the whole will go very comfortably and after that you will also have a lot of fun.

In: No, I am afraid to hear it, it is very far to take it inside.

Sunil: Yes, that is why I told you before marriage that we would enjoy a little bit of fun before marriage, but you do not be afraid at all, nothing will happen to you, because I will be very comfortable and you First, catch it from inside the lungi, and love it a little, only then will he love your pussy well.

Now I grabbed the cocks from inside the lungi then realized that it was too hot and after that they removed their lungi and now both of us were completely naked. Now he came on top of me and started kissing me and everywhere he started kissing me like crazy and after some time he slowly stretched both my legs up and spread them completely and after that he came right between my two legs. After that he sat his cock in my mouth Put it up and put the top of his cock inside with a loud bang, as soon as they poured it in I screamed in pain Oooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm going to hurt so much. Now take it out, I am burning very hard, but even after my shouting so much, I do not exclude my cock He pulled out and lay down on me very quietly and kissed me and started caressing my entire body. Then after a while, he started to calm down and while doing kissing, he slowly put his whole cock in my pussy and I was doing uhhhhh uhhhhh and now they were slowly putting their cocks in and out. I felt that she too was very excited at that time and was making loud noises. . Then after eating for some time, I suddenly felt like some hot water falling in my pussy and soon after that, he lay down on me and then he told me that my work is done. Then I told him that you are very useless and you did not stop even after I agreed so many times, you did your mind work and once you believed me, but you do not see anything next and you will give me pain. Engaged in Then he told me that my life has to be raped with every girl for the first time, after that she understands everything and anyway your pussy is still very small in size and this tie is too much, so I have to You had to put a little bit more on the side, but now you will enjoy doing this with me next time, Today, because of this fuck, the seal of your pussy has been broken, so the pain will be less and you will have more fun now and then after saying this to me, they took their withering cocks out of my pussy and lay down near me. Now I started cleaning my wet flowing pussy from the towels kept nearby and that towel was spoiled by the semen released from his cock. His semen was flowing out of my pussy in large quantities and kept it clean. After some time, he too now wears a towel and I put the same bedsheet on my body and now lay my head on his chest. Both his hands were on my white bare waist, he started caressing me, due to which I also felt a little better after some time and so I If I kiss on the nipple, they tightly held me tightly in their arms and I came completely over them. Now we both started kissing each other. Now he said to me that this happens to everyone for the first time, we will do it again after a while and then you will have  It will be even more fun and will erase all your pain today, but yes you sound very loud. It was just for the first time and we still have a lot to do, my sweetheart and now you have to learn a lot, then you will get to experience and enjoy it. In: Why and what is yet to be learned?

Sunil: Right now you have to teach blowjobs and after that there is still sodomy.

We also have fun with 69 positions and even when you have periods, I will have to lick my cock, will I do sex with you.

You don't worry at all, because I will teach you everything, after which you will become very experienced and now I will show you sex movies firstly, because I have a lot of sexy films in my computer, do you watch them? Would you like

In: Yes, I will do whatever you want, now this is all for you because you are now my husband, do whatever you want to do with me, because whatever you do I love it and you marry anyway Even before I used to press my boobs a lot, but today I loved doing all this with you, anyway I know that you like my boobs very much. Then he started his computer at my behest and we both started watching sexy movies. For a while, we both kept clinging to each other and they kept watching the movie and kept enjoying it and while lying in it, they were pressing their cocks with one hand and they were warming me by pressing my boob's nipple. Then after some time I realized that his cock got tight once again. So he started telling me that now you love him a little bit too, Kiss it like it is happening in the film. So I said no, I cannot do all this, it is very difficult for me to do that work and it is very dirty, I will be very disgusted to do it, I cannot do it. Sunil: Why is it dirty? I also find you everywhere But why do I kiss, this is also a part of my body and every man has a lot of fun when his wife sucks his cock and then only then he will grow up in zeal and after that will give you more fun . 

Now I kept shaking his cock for a while with my hand and kept munching. After that I kissed him on my stomach and reached his cock and then I kissed him for the first time. So he started to say to me that hey, now you take a little top of it in your mouth and look like that pink lips and you suck it like ice cream. Then I started doing what they wanted me to do, but I did not like to do all that, and then after some time I flatly refused them to do all this and I pretended to them that I will do it again sometime later, anyway, by now his cock was very tight and big in size which was not coming in my mouth anymore. I had to forcefully open my mouth for him and I started feeling pain in that too. Now they told me that for today Well, because now after doing once you will start doing everything slowly and then lay down on them, their taut cocks were touching my neck and I felt its touch very hot. Then suddenly they turned me down and they themselves came on top of me, they started biting my lips very loudly and I too got excited and held them tightly in their arms and after some time they bit down Come and started sucking my nipple and started taking sobs in it, uhhhhhhhhhhhh and that hot fat cock of yours was going somewhere, sometimes because it was not finding the right way to go in my pussy and then I used his cock with my one hand. Grabbing her and placed her on the door of her pussy and touching her pussy rash was making my hot body even more excited and now Sunil immediately saw a chance Killing blow, Because of which his entire cock slipped into my wet hot pussy and that voice came out of my mouth, Ahhhhh IEEE. Then I held him in my arms with a loud thrust and my nails pierced his bare thighs and my pain Seeing that Without stopping for a while and grabbed my nipple and caressed it and then as I started to calm down, Sunil started fucking me on my side by giving me a big pounder and now I have to scream IEEE and very loud sounds from my mouth. Please start saying, please do it slowly Sunil uhhffh Ahhhhh Sunil, relax a little, am I being run somewhere? Then after eating for a while, now I too started having great fun in his bumps and Sunil had to stop and intermittently bite my lips and sometimes suck my nipple. Then after doing all this for about ten minutes, once again the water of his cocks came out which I started to feel in my pussy and now I kept getting calm with them and then she Lie on me and clung to me. Friends, in this way, he stopped me four times on that first night, about four times, including three times, he put his cock in my pussy and gave me a great bang, and once he forcefully put his cock in my ass. I can not tell that pain in any word by writing me There was a lot of pain in getting my ass killed more than a fuck, and because of that pain, my move completely changed. That pain proved very painful for me and after five days he took me to Hanimoon and after going with him to Hanimoon, I had a lot of fun, then he did my everything there and every time I also supported him fully. , Because now I had a very good experience of that work.

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