Saturday, March 28, 2020

Holi fun with sexy aunty

Holi fun with sexy aunty

Hi my name is Chandan, I am a 24-year-old cut-off laundromat and when I mix Chodana, I go crazy with pleasure and the one whom I fuck, Omar remembers my cock and Chodane's style. I do not discriminate in any way. Hindi Sex Story Love Filled Family That means whether she is an 18 year old girl or a woman of 30 -50 age or someone old, I only mean chutney no matter how black she is, white, fat, thin, beautiful looking or beautiful. Ugly I fuck everyone. Enough of my praise, now I come to the story. This year I went to my uncle's house in Holi, right after the first day of Holi, I came to his house, my uncle and aunt were happy to see me, then I asked the uncle about his son, then uncle said, both are not in our grandmother's house Have gone If I said then it would be useless to come again, or both are not there, now tomorrow I cannot play Holi, then uncle what are you doing, tomorrow morning I have to go to the Argentine Kamsa Delhi for 2 days. We will meet together and enjoy Holi, Uncle said, "Okay, do both, what you want to do." 

Uncle gave some money for the preparation of Holi and said that I am going out of work to buy what you want for Holi. You are reading this story on Desi Kahani Dot Net. Aunty went to buy all for herself and I went to take the same as Holi. Aunty's call came and said, what are you doing? I said, I am not buying anything equal, so bid ok, do one thing and bring cannabis, tomorrow will be fun in Holi. I said we came back home after all the same and similar purchases. On the day of Holi, aunt came to pick me up and when I opened my eyes, I saw that my aunt was leaning a bit and her cleavage was looking clean, what was the fun. So Auntie bid get up in the morning and your uncle has also gone to prepare for Holi, fresh and take it all on the roof, and one thing my friend will come to play Holi, you are ready to play Holi, I am preparing cannabis.

I prepared the whole thing and went to the terrace. After some time, my aunt and her friend came to the terrace, both of them seemed to be very happy, above all the white color I was crazy. I want to say no one will be ashamed, we will play a friend's place here and you understand that we are your friends, well we will enjoy. Seeing the dress up of both, my mind was getting upset, the cleavage of Auntie's Boobs was not going through my mind. I said ok and while Aunt Lassi was keeping I went to them and clung to them and caught them from behind. His height is very low, so when I caught my aunt from behind. So their boobs came in my hand and started to hold Holi by holding them from behind and I notice that my hand is on aunt's boob but Bo is not saying anything and Khushi is letting me color my pleasure and both my cocks too Is stuck in the middle of the Gand I put Holi in the shade and then put Tara aunt on it as well, then Auntie bid me, what did you do by attacking me from behind and put Holi in my arms like this and what else should I do, then aunt gave me a push that I fell on her Down and I over them. And Auntie said now Holi and I sat on her and put Holi, when I used to keep Holi, my hand was touching their boobs and my cock was erected, I thought that today Holi will be enjoyed a lot, then I Standing on top of them, then aunt and Tara aunt took out their pallu and entered into their vest. I was completely surprised to see if there were very big boobs and if such a big cleavage was cut down a little more, then the whole boobs would look like my mind was spoiled, then both of them picked up the atomizer and started attacking me, then I also picked up the atomizer and straight to their boobies. They both probably did not wear a bra, so they were fully aware of the shape of their nipples.

Tara hit the squirrel directly on my cock and seeing this, aunt started laughing and hitting the squirrel on my cock, I stood up with my hand and said, how much to beat, both started laughing and hitting the squirrel, when the water in the squirrel was gone When both of them roamed while filling the squirrel, I started beating them both in the Gand and they got soaked. After playing for some time, we started drinking cannabis when both of them were drinking cannabis, then I was watching their boobies, so what was auntie bidding, I said nothing, I will laugh and after a while everyone got addicted to cannabis.

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