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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Girlfriends fuck on a cold night

Girlfriends fuck on a cold night

Hello friends my name is Atul and I am 22 years old and I graduated this year. This is my first sex story. I have been reading the story on this site for the last 6 years, so I thought why not share my own story? My story is of my graduation and there are three people in it, I, my friend and a girl named (seventy two) 72 Singh, because we had her size of Boobs 37, and her ass was also big.

She was very fair. So many times we used to imagine, "Its nipple will be pink". She was from the second branch of our business and I loved BBW since school time. My friend told me that he is 42, his girlfriend's friend and he had a boyfriend, but now he is single, so I said that brother should talk. So our talk started, both of us were happy, we had a good understanding.

Then we came into relationship, then I told my girlfriend one day that we had named her. So she understood why, then she blushed a little and said nothing. And we started having sex chats like this, then it was found out that her boyfriend used her for sex but as soon as she got a new girlfriend then she left him, so I calmed her down and smiled a little.

Then I had chem sex on skype many times but due to my flat mate, I never got a chance, we used to work with cam sex and sex chat. And sometimes if we used to go to the movie, we used to take time away from playing with both smooch or boob. We both had the mind to have sex and this time passed. But I had a lot of desire to complete my school time BBW fantasy.

So one day in January, all my friends went out of the house by giving exams and seeing the opportunity I was staying, I called my girlfriend at my flat and took silk chocolate with her. She came wearing blue top and white leggie. Because of having sex, his shyness was overcome. And she used to be comfortable in front of me and she always seemed cute to me. Chubi figure, sweet smile and her curves were bang. She used to look absolutely good from the first year. Then we sat and talked, I said, come and watch the movie, I started the romantic movie Veer Zara, then we were immersed in love, then after closing the movie, we started our movie and we started talking by doing hags.

Then I removed her top, then finally 72 Singh's boobs were in white bra in front of me. So I first took her leggie and then lowered the top, she was a little kissy, then she was ashamed. But I hugged him and made him feel relaxed. Then he removed all his clothes. Then he also removed my T-shirt and boxer. My 6-inch cocks started getting tight, she smiled upon seeing him, I also gave her a little smile and hugged her. Friends friends, it is a very good filling to see a naked and fat girl, and then I started teasing her nipple, sometimes kissing her belly, sometimes sucking her boobs.

Then I opened the silk chocolate and applied it on the lips and kissed for 1 hour. His lower lip was more yummy and juicy than the top lip. By now my loada had rubbed on her pussy many times. So the flower was tight and there is no concept of a blow job in India, so I asked him to give me a hand job, he also grabbed my cock and started giving me handjob. Her pussy was licking with chocolate, she was very cool too. She started to mourn. She was holding my hair and pressing it and it was very hot and I kept sucking her pussy and I put my finger in her pussy and kept going out and after a while she said that now just do it.

So I put both her feet on my shoulder and put my cock in her pussy, her pussy was very tight, so she was screaming, do it comfortably, she was aching but she also had to fuck. So I did not put much force and I studied speed comfortably, I used to play with her boobs and sometimes I was raising her legs and she also started supporting me and I did it a little comfortably. Then she automatically said that you lie down, I will come on you, the most fun was in jumping up. She was sitting on top of me jumping on my cock and Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh was echoing in the whole flat and his big big boobs were bouncing and making my eyes in 20 minutes after that. I saw that she had fallen several times, so I licked her clean and the expressions of satisfaction were clearly visible on her face.

But where was the peace of cocks here, then we had anal sex the same night and she slept on my chest by doing hags. Due to anal sex, he was having a lot of pain in walking in the morning, then we took Shower together and I massaged him. Whenever we got a chance, we used to stay on the flat together for four five days and this sequence lasted for 2 years.

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