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Monday, March 30, 2020

Big Sister Fucked by a Best Friend - 1

Big Sister Fucked by a Best Friend - 1

My name is Monu, age 18 and I live in Lucknow.

In this story, I will tell you how I got my elder sister fucked by my best friend. My friend's name is Rishu and he used to live in my neighborhood earlier. Our friendship is childhood. His mother and father live at his house. We had a domestic relationship, my sister used to tie her rakhi too and considered her younger brother but he wanted to fuck my sister and I loved her mother very much. We used to have homosexual relationships also, so we did not hide anything from each other. After his father's sudden transfer to Delhi for a year, now he and his mother live there, but now he has got his house built four kilometers away from my house and a few days ago he has moved to live there. My mother and father and my sister Rashmi also live at my house. My mother and father both work and Rashmi studies in college. Rashmi is 19 years old.

One day when I went to Rishu's house, her mother opened the door and called me inside.

I asked him - Kamini aunt, where is Rishu? Have not been found for many days and college is not coming?

Kamini - He is very ill.

What happened aunty? I asked

Kamini - Now what to hide from you, ever since you came to this house, suddenly you have started having seizures. Well, it remains absolutely fine, but suddenly it becomes dizzy. 

By then Rishu also came. When I looked, he looked perfectly fit.

I asked him what the aunt was saying? Showed to a doctor or not?

Rishi- Man, I have shown all the big doctors, I have been eating medicine for a month, but there is no difference. Suddenly I feel dizzy and I faint for one to two minutes. That is why I am not even driving and am not going out of the house.

I told the aunt - you go with me and take Rishu's horoscope. I have a Guru ji who is well versed in astrology and has helped many people. They can tell what is the problem with Rishu.

The aunt also used to consider the monks very much, so she went with me at that time. We left Rishu at home so that the health does not deteriorate on the way. After reaching Guruji's ashram, we informed about our arrival.

Despite being very crowded, Guruji called us in advance.

Guru ji - come son Monu, is everyone efficient?

I told- No Guruji, she is my friend's mother. Suddenly my friend is having seizures due to which we are very upset.

Guruji - What is the name of your son, daughter?

Kamini - Yes!

Guruji- Oh, she is a very beautiful and beautiful child, I have met her many times at Monu's house.

Kamini-ji showed many doctors but nothing happened, now you have support.

Teacher- daughter, have you taken the birth chart of the son?

Kamini-ji Maharaj, take this!

On saying this, Kamini gave Rishu's horoscope to Swamiji. Swami ji read and watched him for about an hour.

Guruji- Daughter, I have not seen such a flaw in my life till now. It is impossible to recover.

Hearing this, Kamini aunt started crying loudly and said - No Maharaj, do not say like this, Rishu is my only son, whatever I have to do for him, I will do it but you should not disappoint me.

Master- be patient daughter!

Kamini - No Maharaj, now if my son is not well then I will give my life.

Guruji- Monu son, you go out, I have to talk to Kamini in private.

I got up and came out and stood with my ear to the door.

Inside Guruji was saying to aunt - Look daughter, I was not going to tell you this solution, but your condition is forcing me. But this remedy is also not easy and religion is also not compatible.

Kamini - What is the matter, Swamiji?

Guruji- Daughter, there is a terrible flaw in Rishu's horoscope, which can be removed only in one condition. I am not even being told.

Kamini: Tell me, Swamiji. Whatever the solution will be, I am ready to do it.

Guruji- Daughter, Rishu can be cured in the same condition. If he intercourse with an unmarried virgin Brahmin girl thrice within the same week.

I was shocked to hear this and aunt was also shocked.

What are you saying, Master? It is very rare that a Brahmin should marry his daughter to Rishu while we are not Brahmins. Kamini said.

Teacher- I have said that unmarried girl! It is not said that she should be married to Rishu, if married, that girl will also become Kayastha and this remedy will fail. Also, it has to be kept in mind that at the time of first sexual intercourse, her vagina is intact and the girl's menstruation means that the age is more than 16 years and throughout the week, she should only have sex with Rishu and not with anyone else! And have sex at least three times.

After this remedy, Rishu can marry that girl if he wants.

I find it impossible, which girl will be ready this way! And if she gets ready with any greed, she will not be a virgin. Anyway, nowadays girls lose their virility at the age of 13-14. Kamini said.

Guruji said - It is not necessary that the girl is ready, it is about sex, not of love. And I had said that the remedy is difficult. But there is no other way but this. And if Rishu gets out of this disease, he will have a health life of 80 years.

Hearing this, Kamini aunt saluted Guru ji and came out. We went back home. In such a long time, I made my plan and being unaware, asked the aunt - what did Swami Ji say and why are you so upset?

So Kamini aunt said to me - the thing is not worth you. You are small now.

I said, aunt, if you do not want to tell me, it does not matter! But I have heard everything.

Kamini - When you have heard everything with your ears, what are you asking me? What Swamiji has said cannot be done.

I said, aunt, do not give up so soon, I have been thinking for a long time that the work that is at your house is a Brahmin and his daughter will be 16 years old. If he is given five ten thousand rupees, then maybe he will be ready?

Kamini - Oh she is not a virgin, when she was 15 years old, she ran away with a laund. She returned home after 4 months and if she was a virgin, what mother would agree. You are also a Brahmin, tell me some girl. Hey, if someone gives you ten thousand rupees, will you give the girl in your house to someone?

I said - aunt, you are getting angry! I consider Rishu more than my brother and if needed, I can give Rashmi for this work and that too without any money.

After listening to me, Kamini's senses flew away, she said - Monu, the truth, if you are telling the truth, then you consider Rishu to be a real brother and Rashmi is 18 so simple but she will be a virgin. If you do this, then I will not forget your favor for a lifetime and will also marry Rashmi to Rishu. But will Rashmi be ready?

I said- See, Swami Ji had said that sex can happen without the consent of the girl. And secondly, my family members will not believe that he should be married to a non-Brahmin, so I want a promise that this thing will not go out so that Rashmi will not be slandered.

Kamini - I give tongue!

Language will not work, today our relations are good, who knows what tomorrow? You will not say anything, but if there is a fight against my resume and tell it to everyone? I said.

Kamini - So what do you want?

See, there is a question of respect for my real sister, on the other hand, Rishu should also have a question about a real relative.

Kamini - Look, Monu, if I had a daughter, I would hand her over to you, but I have only one son, Rishu!

Daughter is not the right mother only! I said.

Kamini was shocked to hear me. I said, do not worry, aunty, see if Rishu has sex with Rashmi and you are with me, I will not tell anyone nor you. Rishu's disease will also be cured and my worries will also go away, which is about Rashmi's infamy. Hey, what are you thinking now, I can offer my real sister's sacrifice for my friend and you cannot offer my sacrifice for my only son?

Kamini said- I am not thinking this! Because I have no way other than to be ready. Rather I am wondering why you are so interested in a 37 year old woman?

I said - Hey aunt, only the jeweler knows the value of diamonds. So tell me, are you sure?

Sure! Kamini said.

And I lovingly took a puppy on one of the aunt's lips.

On reaching his house, I stopped the car and said - Aunty, you send Rishu out so that I can explain that too.

Kamini said- Will you also tell her that you will marry me instead of Rashmi?

I will tell as much as is necessary, if you send it out.

Kamini goes in and Rishu comes out. After making him sit in the car, we walked a little distance and I stopped the car on one side and hugged him and said - our plan was successful! Your affair went round and your mother is ready to fuck me and she will do anything to get Rashmi's fuck with you. What has Swami ji done acting, it was fun.

Rishu, hey it was so well planned, how would it not have been? Let's go home and prepare ahead.

On the way, we bought a medicine and upon reaching home I pointed to Rishu and he went inside.

I told Kamini - let's explain everything to Aunty, Rishu, I was a bit annoyed but I told him that it is very important. Let's go further into the bedroom.

Kamini- Hi, you told Rishu what would you do with me?

Now he is at home and if we have sex, he will not know? I said.

And taking Kamini to the bedroom, closed the door.

Kamini said- Is it necessary to do it now? When Rishu is done with Rashmi then we will.

This story will end in several parts.

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