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Bhabhi ki chudai on holi day

Bhabhi ki chudai on holi day

May you tell people the story of your Holi, the next day was to play Holi colors. I woke up around 10 in the morning .. I was feeling completely refreshed. She went down and painted Mummy-papa and took blessings of Holi, then when she came up, Payal Bhabhi's husband painted me. We hugged, Payal also came. I was stealing little eyes upon seeing him. On this, the bloodthirsty slayer came out laughing and started putting color on my face and slowly said - Why are you blushing .. When you have played with the younger Holi sister-in-law, then you will not be wearing colors on the big Holi? I put Gulal on his cheeks and went to my room. Here I must tell that I do not like to go out and play Holi. Around 12 o'clock, 3 of my best friends brought a bottle of blue wine. We opened that bottle .. spent tasting .. there was Bhujia. We have started .. The three of us finished the entire bottle and all three went away. Now I lay down in my room. Then at around two o'clock the law came up… He had a bowl in his hand. Sister-in-law was outside the room. I saw them .. So the Lund stood up, the sister was wearing a deep-necked shirt .. which was very torn… No matter what color it was .. because she was colored in too much color .. her hair was open… she was coming up to her. Sister-in-law, Anupam ji ... I have made this chicken… I have brought it for you… should I come in? 

Me - yes sister-in-law .. Come, no. I had drunk . So now I was in my form .. Shame like mother had gone to get rid. Sister-in-law came inside and sat on the bed next to me keeping the bowl on the table. I said - why sister-in-law .. brother gave you the whole color .. played a lot of Holi ..

Sister-in-law, what can I tell .. He has been drinking liquor since morning .. Now when the time of playing Holi comes, he has fallen asleep and now he will wake up at night… By then Holi will be over. I am so who applied this color to you? The sister-in-law shrugged and shrugged - she had come to the neighboring sister-in-law and many of her friends too… So they have been applying all the colors since morning… but the one who had applied the color last night .. He is shy to apply the color today .. I - Where did you play Holi at night? Sister-in-law said with a hand on my lund - Do not consider me such a lifeless and such a big player Anoop ji .. I have been looking at you ever since .. When that hut of that hut Pallavi was enjoying you .. 

I - sister-in-law are fine .. Have you come to 'p-v'?

Sister-in-law .. He slept and came to you and talked about last night .. So I also pulled two pegs of the patiala .. Last night, you too had come to me to drink. I thought when everyone knows the law, then talk openly. 'I tell you the truth .. I like you very much .. Something happens only after seeing you. Whatever happened last night at your own will .. right? ' Sister-in-law, sir .. We have done everything at our own will .. No one dares to touch me without my consent. In the matter of things - Pant opened my belt and zip, and had moved down and was stroking my lund with my hands.

Me - Sister-in-law will come .. Go close the door first and close the door towards the roof. Sister-in-law came out .. closed the door and came through the bathroom and closed the door of the room and came to me and suddenly a lot of color started rubbing on my face. I also grabbed them and picked them up and slammed them on the bed. The next moment I climbed on top of them and held both their hands .. Fingers in fingers and put their lips on their ranged lips and if you start sucking then don't ask. Both had drunk liquor .. One was sucking the other's lips .. tongue .. badly. The color that was coming in my mouth .. I was spitting in their mouth .. She was licking. I sucked his cheeks .. ears .. galls .. everywhere .. cut fiercely on the neck. When I saw the shirt torn, I asked - How is it cracked? So he said - my 'he' was burning in the liquor, the color used to tear time… I too caught him in the eye and put a hand in between the Acacia, from the bra to the entire bottom. Bhabhi came out of her mouth - Jaanu .. have you gone mad? 'I also nada his salwar 

Broke and pulled Salwar. In the next few moments, I also removed my clothes and started sucking sister-in-law. Holding my head, she was pressing on Chuchu .. Wow, what was the fun of her Chu Chu. Now sister-in-law took me and gently filled my lund in her mouth. She was only able to take Supada inside and frankly, Supada was trying to suck .. But I could not enjoy anything because of their sucking. So I picked them up and made them mare by standing down and leaning on the bed and rubbing their lund from behind on their wet relaxation. Wow .. His creamy discount was so wet .. Yes, I named his discount cream cream discount which he also liked .. 

Sister-in-law said, "Janu, don't torture me now .. Let me go .. Put your lion in my cave .."

I said - Le Jaanu .. Le .. and as soon as I said it, I hit one and slid into the wet creamy rebound and hit the calf straight .. I have only 'Uyyi Maa .. Murder added ..' Got out and said immediately - Quit knowing, very loud .. Feed my relaxation Holi today .. 'I started applying fast and fast. With 'Fuch .. Fuch .. Fuch ..' from his mouth - eight ohhhh .. He went to murder .. Nemima .. Leave it loud .. His voice was making the room buzz. Down in the street, there was a loud noise because Holi was there .. So we had no tension. I grabbed the long hair of the sister-in-law fast bangs .. 'sister-in-law will tear you today .. take sister and take .. eight take .. ah ..' This was all going on that sister-in-law said - Just do it. Now just do it .. I have burnt it .. I have lost my rebate. Now you do not tolerate the rubbing of your lund .. Take it out .. "But darling ... I do not have any dust now .. What shall I do?" "Please put in my mouth .." Sister-in-law said. A cool thought came to my mind that today sister-in-law Pearl piercing should be pierced. I said - yes sister-in-law .. I will take it out .. But I will kill ass again… I will take out my goods. 'But I have not killed you till date ..' Sister-in-law said. "So let me die today for my happiness .." I took the Lund out of waiver and filled them in the arms and said - Janu .. I have not killed anyone's ass till date .. Please give me the ass .. I will die very lovingly comfortably… Janu please… Sister-in-law agreed - okay .. but comfortably .. ”I kissed her and took her upside down on the bed and filled the sari with Vaseline in her ass. Then put a finger in her ass .. Sister-in-law swear a little - comfortably. . 'I slowly put the finger in - out .. Then put the second finger and filled the Vaseline well in the ass. Sister-in-law used to calm down .. Now I came to my position .. I put Vaseline on my lund too. I put a lund on his tight ass and sister-in-law said fearfully - know how to do it comfortably .. I said - okay my love .. just you take some pain. I put Lund on his ass teasing, he entered me lightly .. Bhabhi bounced - Ouch .. Easy .. I said - Oi

Is a I grabbed the sister-in-law's waist tightly and placed her bent knees on her legs and, with a loud blow, took Lund to the depths of the ass. Sister-in-law shouted loudly - Murder Gayi… Shi… She squeezed her teeth and started crying under the pillow. My whole lund was in his ass. I was rubbing his back. 'Sister-in-law .. Now everything is fine .. Please don't you cry .. Love you sweetheart ..' She became normal in about 5 minutes and said, 'Daughter, I will do everything for you .. Now I am fine .. You start fucking. I pulled the lund out a bit .. then did it inside. Playing the tit ass .. What was cool .. Can't tell .. Enjoying 100 times more than relaxation. I slowly started to bang her ass. It was a lot of fun. Sister-in-law asked - why live .. Are you having fun? I said - sister-in-law .. just shut up .. let me enjoy this fun .. she gave a laugh .. said - sir .. enjoy leaving my ass. It must have been 10 minutes before I left the ass, that the lund swagger and all my lava was footed in his ass. 'Five .. Pach ..' All the goods went out. and  The fun was priceless .. Wow what fun it is to leave the ass .. Today I realized why the Lund stands on its own after seeing the ass of the woman because only Lund gets real pleasure by going to the ass.

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