Monday, February 3, 2020

My life in sex: ‘I am having more sex now than I did 50 years ago’

My life in sex: ‘I am having more sex now than I did 50 years ago’

me. Over the years, i need to have sent overflow 100 messages without getting a response.

At first, there wasn't much interest on the specialist site, either. Given my age, I wasn’t too surprised. Occasionally, however, a lady would initiate contact, and meetings would happen . I met two of them several times, but usually the meetings were one-offs.

Things have changed over the last two years, following my 70th birthday. I have had six encounters with five different women, in age starting from their mid-30s to late 50s. Three of the ladies had their husbands present, one for cover , while the opposite two filmed the encounter. I wasn’t excited or bothered; I just concentrated on the job in hand.

My life in sex: the person who enjoys being spanked

I don't know why they find a person of my age attractive. On several different profiles, women have said that they’d wish to meet a person in his 60s or 70s – so maybe the thought of an older man is a turn-on for them. It might be simply that I even have posted more explicit photographs of myself on my profile. Either way, i'm not getting to complain; i'm having more sex now than I did 50 years ago.

I’m currently waiting to listen to back from a person who wants me to possess sex together with his wife. I’d wish to meet someone for something more long-term, except for now I’m enjoying myself.

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