Monday, February 3, 2020

My life in sex: the husband and wife who have given up sex altogether

My life in sex: the husband and wife who have given up sex altogether

Our relationship began as an extramarital affair in our late 30s. It wasn’t the primary affair for either folks , but it might be the last.

What began as a lust-driven urge, developed and deepened as we realised we had found in one another the love of our lives. Within three years we were man and wife, meaning we could – and did – enjoy one another at any time, day or night. Our love-making was driven by love and lust in equal measure and was frequent and spontaneous.

And so it continued because the years advanced; we were even caught “at it” in our 70s by someone who probably thought we were past that kind of thing. How wrong they were.

As we approached our 80s, the deterioration of our bodies ate away at the enjoyment and spontaneity of sex. There was the short wait while lubricant was applied and therefore the magic blue pill took effect. Then came physical discomfort, thanks to inevitable wear and tear, which made sex difficult, unrelaxed and barely enjoyable.

The desire to offer one another the last word pleasurable experience was replaced by the will to not cause pain.

It was sort of a mini-bereavement once we finally agreed the time had come to prevent altogether. Now, we elect to fall back on the memories of how exciting, beautiful and meaningful the sexual side of our marriage was, for therefore a few years . Still, we enjoy an everlasting devotion that no amount of physical limitation or discomfort can diminish.

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