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Friday, January 17, 2020



When do you have to start adding ads on your blog?

Google Adsense On New Blog

This is a standard question a blogger has after they begin a blog to form money. In this guide, you'll find tons of insights on once you should start adding ads and the way you ought to set about it.

But first, answer this question:

Are you one among those budding bloggers who isn't monetizing his blog and is skeptical of doing so?

If so, I have also walked in your shoes. In the youth of my blogging career, I didn't cash in of AdSense or the other ad platform. Perhaps the rationale many folks stand back from monetizing our blogs is that we are protective of our image and that we fear being judged by our readers. Moreover, tons folks don’t skills much money one can earn from AdSense.

I was talking with one among my budding bloggers (BB) friends, and he told me that he has an approved AdSense account, but he's not putting AdSense on his blog.

  • Me: Why?
  • BB: Because it’s a replacement blog, and putting AdSense thereon might make my visitors think that I blog for money.
  • Me: Then why did you apply for AdSense once you aren't getting to monetize your blog?
  • BB: I will be able to monetize it once I have good traffic.
  • Me: What difference does it make whether you monetize the blog now or later? Will the perception of your readers vary at another point in time?

Our conversation went on for a short time and came away with a suspicion that a lot of other bloggers share my friend’s feelings about advertising on a replacement blog.

My question remains, why wait to monetize your blog?

Making money from your blog doesn’t cause you to a less passionate blogger or a greedy blogger.

It is simply taking advantage of a chance to earn money from one among your passions, and to develop your dreams. Ask yourself if that is a disgraceful thing.

If you've got a blog that will be monetized, start monetizing it now. Chances are good that you simply might not make quite $10-$100/month, but a minimum of you're earning some money doing something you enjoy.

Page Contents

  • What are advertisements, and why advertise on your blog?
  • When should you start using AdSense?
  • What are advertisements, and why advertise on your blog?

When a billboard that's associated with your content and your niche runs on your blog, whether on the sidebar, or on the header, or elsewhere, you're helping your readers by providing an area for him to get a product he could also be curious about purchasing.

For example, on ShoutMeLoud I write extensively about blogging, web hosting and making money online.

I share my personal views and experiences. Many readers are here because they wish to examine my experiences with different products that I exploit, and they might wish to try these products or related products.

They are reading my posts, after all, because they need an interest within the niche that I write on. So this is often why I keep web hosting and WordPress theme banners on the sidebars and headers of my posts.

Also see: the way to make money from a blog without advertisement

When should you start using AdSense?

There is no right or wrong time to begin monetizing your blog if you have an interest in doing so.

And as long as you are doing so in such how that you simply won't be hampering the readability of your blog, there's no reason why you ought to not start monetizing as soon as you are feeling your blog is prepared. Bear in mind that it's best to put just one or two ads on a page.

While it's going to seem counter-intuitive, fewer ads = better CTR = extra money within the end of the day.

If you're having trouble getting your site approval on AdSense, you'll try applying for these AdSense alternatives. However, if your traffic is low, these ad networks are suitable for low traffic blogs.

Here is the list for your quick reference:

  • PropellerAds
  • Viglink
  • PopAds

So if you've got an AdSense account and a blog, start trying some ads on your blog. If you don’t have an account yet, you'll follow these tricks for AdSense approval and apply for AdSense.

Start with one or two ad units, and stay focused on the standard of your blog, delivering good information to your readers, and producing a top-quality blog overall. You never know – you'll find yourself making a living from your blog!

What’s your opinion on when one should add ads on their blog? 

Feel free to share your thoughts with us using the comments section below.

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