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Saturday, January 11, 2020



We all know that AdSense is (to date) the simplest contextual, high-paying ad network.

But AdSense also has very strictly enforced program policies. If they find that an internet site is in violation of their TOS, they're going to permanently disable the offending account.

It is vital to follow AdSense’s quality and program guidelines to avoid having your AdSense account banned.

Here’s one of the most common questions new bloggers ask:

“What is that the maximum number of AdSense units I can place on a page?”

Google AdSense offers differing types of ads and most are categorized within the following formats:

  • AdSense Content Unit
  • AdSense Link Unit
  • AdSense For Search

(AdSense wont to offer AdSense video units also, but they ultimately retired this feature .)

Here are the utmost AdSense ad units allowed for an internet page:

AdSense Content Unit

Earlier, AdSense had a maximum limit of three ad units (while “premium partners” enjoyed serving up to six ad units).

In August 2016, AdSense lifted the ad unit limit for each site.

You can now place a vast amount of AdSense ads on a page.
However, advertising and other paid promotion added to your pages shouldn't exceed your content.

In other words:

You also need to maintain the quality of your site.

AdSense Content Units are available in the following sizes:

  • 728*90
  • 468*60
  • 234*60
  • 125*125
  • 120*600
  • 160*600
  • 180*150
  • 120*240
  • 200*200
  • 250*250
  • 300*250
  • 336*280

Personally, I even have found 336*280 and 160*600 to be the foremost effective.

You can also use ads from multiple publisher IDs.

(Note: I even have started serving ads using Ezoic which is additionally helping me to extend my overall revenue.)

AdSense Link Units

AdSense Link Units perform rather well when blended together with your theme and placed above the fold.

I tested this by placing one in the Navbar and it turned out to be one of my best-performing ad units.

Again, you'll place unlimited Link Units as long because the ads aren't exceeding the content.

You can find the varied sizes for AdSense Link Units here.

AdSense For Search

For an enormous website, AdSense For Search units perform rather well.

If you've got not yet found out AdSense For Search units, read our guide:

 How To Set Up AdSense For Search
How many AdSense ads are you able to placed on a page?
As mentioned above, Google has lifted the limit restrictions. As long as your ads don't exceed your content, there's no upper limit on the number of ads on one page.

It’s important to notice that while picking the number of ads, you ought to believe the short posts on your blog. If you opt to put quite 5-6 ad units, and you're placing them sitewide employing a plugin, you would possibly be spamming your own short posts with a large number of ads.

AdSense has explicitly mentioned:

“We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.” 

So I suggest you retain but 5 ads per page.

I usually stick to 3 or 4.

But you ought to identify your own limit consistent with your blog’s layout.

A few things which I even have learned from my very own experience:

Sometimes a lower number of ad units perform better than more ad units.
Placing ads above the fold yields better results.
A combination of image + text ads performs better.
There are many various options available for the location of ads, but I highly recommend employing a minimum amount of ad units or utilizing adverts only at rock bottom or on the sidebar.

Let us skills many AdSense ad units you're using on your blog. Now that Google has lifted the limit, are you using more AdSense ad units, or are you keeping it the same? Share your experience in the comments!

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