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Thursday, January 16, 2020



Google AdSense may be a massive third-party ad network that lets people buy advertisements through Google AdWords that are then posted on the sites of householders who are enrolled in AdSense. The idea is that these website owners can make a touch extra cash on the side while advertisers spread the word about their business and Google picks up a profit.

Adsense scam

Learn How to create an AdSense account

It’s a pretty simple system. Whenever an internet user clicks on a billboard, the advertiser pays some money which is then split between Google and therefore the host site owner. Obviously, the owner of the location cannot click on their own ads and that they can’t force users to click on them either! Webmasters who do click on their own ads have their accounts deleted so that fraud is prevented. So it all looks good on paper.

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  • Where is the AdSense scam?
  • Is Google AdSense all bad?
  • Where is the AdSense scam?

Well, it lies within the junction of two facts: Google can ban your account if they even suspect a teensy bit that you simply may need to be done something to violate their TOS-to the purpose where it's random; juxtaposed with the very fact that you simply cannot get paid until you reach a $100.00 threshold and it takes 30 days for you to get paid. Seeing the problem yet?

According to thousands of highly disgruntled web owners, they're finding that even as they're close to reaching their threshold, their accounts are banned! A banned account doesn't mean you get to steer away together with your earned money either- Google keeps it.

Once is suspicious, twice is a conspiracy

Adsense issues with accounts
If you go poking around the forums, you'll probably find thousands upon thousands of highly confused webmasters who have had their accounts banned once they didn’t do anything to violate the TOS as they know them. Many of them will attempt to appeal, but the chances aren’t good, but 1% get their accounts (and their money) back. Since Google doesn’t show who clicked on the ads and where they came from, you've got no proof that you simply didn’t click on your own ads then Google walks off legally protected and justified, with your money in hand.

It gets worse

While this might seem paranoid, the very fact is that one among the items that Google red flags are when a billboard is clicked multiple times from an equivalent source. This is flagged due to the idea that it’s the webmaster or a buddy of his doing it to urge extra money. But there’s nothing to prevent someone who is annoyed with the online owner, wants that name for him or herself or is out on a private vendetta from clicking on the ad over and once again and getting the owner pack up. Since one cannot see where the clicks came from, one is presumed guilty until proven innocent which is impossible to try to to.

Learn: the way to check if a website is banned from using AdSense

The weirdness continues

Admittedly, the bulk of accounts that are banned have had it done because they were trying to defraud the system. But the accounts that were banned for no reason in the least are often the small accounts that don’t make tons of cash. This is probably because the really big accounts which make plenty of cash have the resources to chase their money down and Google depends on their goodwill. The small guys aren’t important enough to be bothered by-just important enough to lose their money.

Is Google AdSense all bad?

Of course not; like we said before, the bulk of banned accounts are legitimately banned and that they deserve it for trying to defraud the system. Other accounts could also be banned due to the new Google algorithms rendering them obsolete (the ‘made for AdSense’ sites for instance that rarely offer anything useful to readers and are just advertising). But there's still a core of very confused and highly frustrated website owners who get banned for no reason and watch months of labor get flushed. So how can you avoid this?

Read the TOS carefully and confirm you avoid doing anything that would get you banned. This not only includes not clicking on your own ads but also means putting up useful, original content so that Google won’t zap you for being a thief or for taking up space and giving nothing back. If you would like to help to get content, you'll always hire an honest writer.
Educate yourself on how Google works and confirm your visitors also understand click ad abuse and the way to avoid it
Keep screenshots of your analytics and use tools to assist you to track where the clicks are coming from so that you've got proof just in case you're accused of defrauding the AdSense system
Google AdSense is certainly one of the simplest monetization platform for bloggers, but it also has accusations of scam hanging over its head. One thing which the AdSense team should focus more on is “Support“. They lack active support and this has become one major concern for AdSense publishers round the world. Many ad networks like offers dedicated account manager. Google Adsense also offers dedicated account manager, but that’s just for premium AdSense publishers, and requirement for that's relatively high.

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For now, as a publisher, all we've is to play by the principles and put all possible checkpoint to make sure that our account stays in a healthy state. Have you ever felt such as you are being scammed by AdSense? How much money have you ever lost thanks to un-necessary account disabled problems?

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