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Thursday, January 16, 2020



In my 4 years journey with AdSense, I never had any such issues with AdSense check. At times, the delivery of the AdSense check was delayed but never had to place an invitation for reissue of the check. Recently, I had to request for check reissue, and it had been not due to the delivery of the check, but thanks to a small error within the check itself. For some reason, AdSense also added the first line of my address alongside my name within the Payee field, and consistent with new policies for sign up India, my bank rejected this check. I tried convincing bank, that it’s a legit check, but they were also bound with the norms and rules of RBI. Anyways, so all I could do is place an invitation for reissuing my check, and this guide is for all such people, who happened to face this issue. For the record, this request is for an Indian AdSense publisher, and for already delivered AdSense check.


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Guide to request for AdSense check reissue

Before you request for re-issue of your check, confirm it’s not the matter with local courier. If you're in countries like India, where AdSense relies on courier companies for delivery of the check, sometimes it takes up to 10-15 days extra, for delivery of the check. A good idea is to call your courier office and ask them about the status of your check. It’s worth waiting, as re-issue of check, will restart the method, and you would like to attend for a month, to urge the check. Do remember, AdSense policies require you to attend for a minimum of 60 days before you request for re-issue of a misplaced or undelivered check.

To get started, attend this page, and choose yes for the choice “Have you received the make sure you’d wish to have reissued?”

Adsense check reissue

And you will be asked to fill out this form, which is simple and straight forward. In my case, I selected the choice which says “Incorrect Payee name”, and you'll select consistent with your issue. To get all the small print, you would like to login to your AdSense account, click on Payment tab, and obtain all the small print. Here is the direct link to the payment tab.

reason for AdSense check reissue

Once you've got filled all the fields, click on submit, and your application for reissue of the check is going to be submitted. Now, await Email from AdSense, which can confirm you about the order, and the way you'll be re-issued the payment. This is what I received from AdSense team:

“Thanks for your request. We’ve started the reissue process for your payment and placed an order on your check number 072336539. If you happen to receive the first check, please don't deposit it, as your bank may charge fees for depositing a stopped check.

Within about 15 days, your earnings are going to be credited back to your account and you’ll see a ‘Check stopped – earnings credited back’ line appear on your Payments page. If this line appears before the 15th of the month, your earnings are going to be included therein month’s payment cycle. If it appears after the 15th, your earnings are going to be included in next month’s payment cycle.”

The process is straightforward, and anytime you face issues with AdSense payment, you recognize what to try to to. Ensure, that you simply read AdSense TOS, before you set a request for reissue of AdSense check. Do let me know, in what condition, you had to place an invitation for re-issue?

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