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Thursday, January 16, 2020



AdSense is one of the foremost popular advertising and monetization techniques employed by bloggers worldwide. The best thing about AdSense is Quality ads, timely payout, and a well-known name. A normal user may or might not differentiate between a traditional 3rd part ad Vs. Google AdSense ads, except for a blogger it’s easy to work out what advertisement platform is getting used by someone.

Despite all the great reviews about AdSense, you'll hear many complaints about AdSense like:

Google disapproved my AdSense account

AdSense ad serving has been disabled for one among my sites

And stuff like this, which remains ok from my point of view, ad AdSense team works day and night to supply quality service. Recently one among my tech site ( AdSense serving was disabled thanks to ad placement (Which I’m unsure why it happened), I made a decision to stay AdSense far away from that site, and try different ad networks like

Right now, I’m giving an attempt to and can share my detailed review soon. You can see the corporate profile and other details here. Also, if you're interested to understand why Google team bans somebody AdSense account, there may be a detailed guide for an equivalent.

From a blogger perspective (When we buy or sell a website), you ought to be checking many things and one among them is that the status of AdSense serving for the location you plan to buy. This will make sure that you would possibly not find yourself buying websites, where you can’t use AdSense ads. Here I’m sharing a few AdSense penalty checker websites, which you'll use for any website to see if AdSense ad serving is allowed or disabled for that domain.

List of internet sites to see AdSense penalty for a domain:

Google Banned Check:

AdSense Banned Checker

This is the primary site within the list, and it solves two purposes. It will allow you to check any domain for the AdSense ban and also if the domain is banned from Google search. This is very handy once you are buying a second-hand domain or buying an existing website. All you would like to try to do is add the name within the box and click on submit. It will show you the report as shown in the above picture. When you are using this tool, make sure to try www and none www variant of the domain name you are checking. <Link>

Google AdSense sandbox:

Adsense Account Checker

This is a multi-purpose tool by Indian pro-blogger Amit Agarwal. This tool is specially designed to see contextual and geo-targeted ads, and at an equivalent time, it is often wont to check for the AdSense penalty for any given domain. Simply attend this link, add the name you would like to see for, select the region and click on preview ads. If you see all the ad spots are blank, meaning AdSense account is banned for a particular domain.

Is Banned:

This is another simplest AdSense tool to see Ad serving status for a website. Go to the location, add the name and click on undergo check the status of the AdSense account for a particular domain. Simple and easy.

I have listed only 3 websites above, except for the aim of checking AdSense is banned or not, these are going to be handy. Especially if you are into Website flipping, it’s a good idea to check the status of AdSense ad serving for a particular domain. For me, this is often not the primary time I had issues with AdSense serving, and that I already mentioned about it here. As I discussed in one of my earlier articles, AdSense isn't the top of the blog monetization. There are many better ways to monetize your blog, if you don’t have an approved account or your account just got disabled.

Do you know of the other useful website to see AdSense banned status? Also, what advertising network you favor after Google AdSense?

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