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In the past, we've talked about A/B testing and undoubtedly it’s one among the online standards to seek out high performing pages, ad units, words, designs and lots of more. There are many case-studies available which shows what quite design or call to action works, but don’t forget that each website is different and as a blogger it’s our job to run A/B test on our blog. Now when it involves AdSense, one among the most important challenges and questions we've in our mind are:

  • Which Ad format works better: Text or image?
  • Should we use the border with our AdSense ad units or not?

And similar more questions, where answers are different for each website.
And, the simplest thanks to finding the solution is by running split testing. That means, running different color, style variation of the ad unit to seek out bets performing variation.

AdSense A/B testing allows you to find the best ad unit:

A few days back, AdSense added a default feature in the AdSense dashboard which can let any publisher to run A/b testing on their ad unit without changing any code. This new feature is often used for existing Ad units or for brand spanking new ad units you're creating. With this feature, you'll run different of an equivalent ad unit and may find which ad unit it performing the simplest. Let me explain to you how it works:

Login to your AdSense dashboard and click on My Ads. Under Myads, click on Experiment > New experiment. Now give your experiment a reputation, and add notes about what you're testing. Using the drop-down you'll select your previously created ad unit to run the test.

AdSense A:b Testing

Now under the variation tab, you'll optimize the color, border, select only image or image+ text variation. In short, you're creating an alternate variation of the same ad unit size and testing it to seek out which one will make money for you.

Adsense split testing

In terms of split testing, you'll specify if you would like AdSense to optimize the traffic split, otherwise, you can custom select split testing for both the variation. Just uncheck the box upfront of Traffic split and use the slider to line split testing. I would recommend you let AdSense optimize the split testing or if you're trying custom split testing, keep it 50:50 to urge more accurate results. Once everything is about, click on Start experiment and your AdSense A/B testing will start. You can find more details about AdSense split teasing up here, and you'll study how you'll find which ad variation is performing better.

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If AdSense is your main source of blog income, I highly recommend you to experiment to seek out the simplest ad variation for your blog. Do remember, what works on behalf of me won't work for you, and what works for, won't work for you. So it’s better to run your test, and determine what Ad unit and hues will offer you the simplest AdSense results. Selecting the proper variation will assist you to urge more CTR and hence extra money from Adsense for an equivalent ad unit.

If you're trying to find A/B test different ad size, I might recommend you to require advantage of AdRotate plugin and run different ad units at an equivalent spot to find which ad size is best for your blog. Don’t forget to see out this post by Nishant, where he shared some easy to implement tips to enhance your AdSense earning with existing traffic. Do share your experiment results and share this text together with your other friends who are using AdSense to monetize their blog.

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