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Wednesday, January 15, 2020



Are you an internet design company or a business with a blog? does one want to form money from your blog without affecting your business’s sales?

If you're using, or are planning on using AdSense, I like to recommend that you simply don’t. one of the main problems with AdSense on a business website is it's going to show a billboard from one among your competitors, and you'll lose out on a valuable lead for a couple of measly cents. I even have talked about this intimately before.

Instead, you would like to seek out how that you simply can make money without negatively affecting your business.

How To Make Money From Your Business Blog & Not Lose A Lead:

So now that AdSense and other contextual ad networks like are out of the equation, what can we do?

(Note: Contextual ad = Advertisement shown supported page content)

The ideas that I even have shared below will assist you to build relations and connect with authorities in your industry. As a result, you'll make money.

White Label (or Private Label) Reseller

white label reseller

Suppose you've got an internet hosting company.

Your customer who is buying hosting from you would possibly require services to style & create their website. they'll need a social media/digital marketing company to plug & promote their website also as an SEO company for SEO related services.

In short, anything which will help them build & grow their website will potentially be useful to them.

You can partner with the opposite “good guys” in your industry who offer such services to become that company’s white label reseller. This way, that company will get more clients, and you'll be selling more services under your name (i.e. making money).

For example:

A web design or social-media company can start a reseller hosting business (costing but $40) by selling domains and hosting to their customers. This way, the customer stays within the brand’s ecosystem, and this company can become the customer’s 360* solution.

Fact: All big multi-national companies use this system to become a worldwide company. World-class companies like IBM/Accenture/Convergys/etc. sub-lease their projects to other firms.
To get started with this, you would like to speak to the marketing and/or business development people of the businesses you would like to become a white label reseller for. If you're a well-established name within the industry, I suggest lecturing the CEO or founder directly.

Tip: Some companies won't have a personal label program yet, but if you explain how it can help both of you, there's always a primary time for love or money. you'll also create a personal page or .pdf document explaining your offering & use it to pitch to companies.

How does one let the customer realize these add-on services?

To start with, have a page found out on your website providing these services, and everyone leads via the contact form will attend a collaborated email address.

Alternatively, since all leads are being generated on your platform, it’s safe to stay them under your brand banner. you'll create an email address like or (learn the way to create such email addresses for free) & share the login details with the opposite company.

For the primary time, it'll take a couple of months to create the right workflow, but once trust is made with the corporation, you'll have an honest arrangement to hurry up & automate this process.

Most progressive companies won’t deny your offer. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

At times, however, traditional companies won’t get into such deals until they're sure your blog can deliver enough sales. this is often where your social & negotiation skills inherit play.

Tip: Search for companies around you. See which companies have offered you quality services within the past, and see if their services fit into your business offering. Much of the time the simplest collaborations are with freelancers or small start-ups that you simply have worked with within the past.

But do remember, your goal here is to figure and join.

Affiliate Marketing

White label reselling is good, but not necessarily the best way to go.

For example, one among my friends may be a life-coach & a fashion blogger. White label reselling won't fit so well together with her existing business model.

If this is often your quite situation, you'll monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. This is more or less equivalent as running ads, but the difference is that you simply are in complete control of the ads.

And unlike white label reselling, rather than offering services, you direct users to a different brand. On successful conversions, you earn money.


If you are a web design company that offers website design services, you can join a web hosting affiliate program & earn anywhere between $50-$200 per successful conversion simply by recommending something your client may need.

One important thing that you simply want to stay in mind: Your recommended companies shouldn't offer any of the services that you also are offering.

Tip: you'll inspect this extensive eBook on affiliate marketing for more information. This book covers everything you would like to understand affiliate marketing & making money from your blog.

For your business blog, you'll create a “resources” page like this, and recommend a number of the simplest affiliate products that are relevant to your customers.

To find the simplest product to market, ask yourself this question: What product or service does my customer/client need immediately after my services?

Advertisement Page

Advertisement page

No blogger can deny the importance of a billboard page.

In the marketing industry, it’s called a Media-Kit.

Having a billboard page opens the door for possible advertisers who may even see value in advertising their product or service on your site. Eventually, it’s your call whether or to not entertain any possible advertisement offer.

In general: an immediate advertisement can do wonders for your overall income.

Did you recognize ShoutMeLoud earns $20K per annum from one direct advertisement? (Check here.)

This wouldn’t are possible without the advertisement page which is found here. It helps advertisers know the potentials of advertising on my blog and provides other necessary details to assist them to make an informed decision.

If you don’t have an “Advertise Here” page on your blog, I suggest you create one immediately. Here are the 15 best Media-Kit pages to assist you to discover inspiration for your own.

There are more ideas which you'll use to monetize your business or company blog.

But you should always:

Maintain complete control of what ads are being displayed on your blog.


I would recommend focusing on affiliate marketing as it’s the quickest way to earn a huge amount of money from a quality blog. And making a billboard page can pay off at the end of the day. White-label reselling can happen and be profitable, but you would like to spot an honest company to figure with.

Here are a few more ideas to earn from your blog:

  • How To Make Money Without Google AdSense
  • How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide)

What other ideas does one have for fellow business bloggers to monetize their blogs? How are you doing it? Let us know in the comments section.

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