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Friday, January 10, 2020



I have talked tons about Google AdSense within the past, and that I have also recommended AdSense together of the simplest contextual ad networks for your blog. With the high-quality of ads and its safe recurring income, AdSense may be a great blog monetization network.

But, what about people who’ve been banned by AdSense, or who can’t get approved by AdSense? Is that the top of creating money via blogging for them?

No! It’s not!

Blogging without AdSense

In this article, I will be able to be sharing how having your AdSense account banned, or not getting AdSense approval, isn't the maximum amount of a drag as you'll think it's.

AdSense is taken into account to be one among the simplest money-making programs for bloggers for the subsequent reasons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • You don’t have to worry about low-quality ads.
  • You don’t need to manually change the ads after a particular time.
  • You don’t need to worry about payment (AdSense payments are very reliable).

However, there are numerous issues which you face when using AdSense:

You must abide by the content guidelines offered by the AdSense team.

You cannot simply post anything you would like to post. Even though you'll not be violating any webmaster guidelines, you can't publish certain sorts of posts thanks to AdSense policies. (Example: Websites that allow us to watch movies online.)

To earn more from AdSense, you would like to repeatedly try various optimization techniques, including using keywords with high CPCs.

If most of your traffic is from countries like India, Pakistan, or Malaysia, you would possibly earn mere pennies from AdSense.

None of those drawbacks make AdSense evil, but these issues do point to the very fact that AdSense might not be as great as you think that it's.

Why & How Your Life is best Without An AdSense Account:

Let me start by sharing my very own journey with AdSense:

When I started blogging, I had no idea of the way to make money. I started blogging due to my passion for sharing knowledge & only heard about AdSense after a couple of months of blogging. Even after implementing AdSense on my blog, my first ad income was $47 from a DreamHost affiliate sale.

It was not from AdSense or the other ad network.

You may be wondering why I might say this since I make much money blogging (over $30,000/month). But let me ask you: have you ever ever seen AdSense ads here at ShoutMeLoud?

If you're taking a glance at my AdSense earnings for 4 years, you’ll know that I’ve made almost no money with AdSense, compared to the hundreds of cash I’ve made with other monetization techniques. The only good thing about AdSense is that the recurring income, which may offer a sense of security to a point.

Now that you simply know my AdSense story, I will be able to share my experience of successfully monetizing a couple of blogs without using AdSense in the least, and what can happen if you select to do the same.

Your blogging life becomes more experimental.

The best blogging education comes from experimenting.

When you experiment with the newest monetization methods, you'll stumble across an answer which works amazingly well for your niche. Experimenting also allows you to find out things from the experiences of other bloggers.

So rather than spending time experimenting with something completely new, you'll start with tested methods that have worked for other bloggers.

For example, I even have talked about Viglink, which may be a great advertising network. But it’s not perfect for a distinct segment like ShoutMeLoud. It does, however, work great for the style niche.

I don’t have a blog on fashion, but one among my clients does, and she or he trusted my judgment enough to permit me to experiment. And hey, it worked! Voila! It’s now a case study!

You can inspect the case study of running Viglink on a fashion blog up here.

However, if you inquire from me “Hey Harsh, how great is Bidvertiser?”

I can’t say. I used it three years ago, and that I haven't any idea how they need to be changed over those past three years. They might be serving up equivalent low paying ads, or they could have moved forward with premium advertisements. I really don’t know.

Takeaway: once you examine a replacement ad network, try it out. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, rather than simply trying to find a review, look for income reports and/or a case study.

You will be inclined to earn using your natural set of skills.

I have a blog called WPSutra which is currently in its orphan stage. But the great thing is that I even have a blog business plan ready and that I believe it'll work. To what extent, I’m not sure. But this blog has been running for a short time now, I don't use AdSense, and therefore the blog remains to make enough money to hide its hosting and maintenance fees.

You may be thinking “Sure, Harsh, but you've got been using WordPress for eight years now, and you recognize how things work around WordPress.” And yes, that’s right. But WordPress is part of my skill set.

Have you considered what your skillset is?

If you're running a technology blog, you'll write an eBook on the way to do certain tasks.

If you're running a finance blog, you'll offer to form a finance plan for your readers at a reasonable price.

If you're running a relationship blog, you'll offer premium one-on-one consultancy around relationship issues.

If you're running a health blog, you'll offer to make a diet plan for your readers.

If you're running a fashion blog, you'll help people buy fashion that works for them… and you'll get purchased that.

Takeaway: there's a market out there for everything! All you would like to understand is how and where to sell what you've got to supply.

Embrace affiliate marketing.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, affiliate marketing is the main source of income. You will find thousands (or maybe even millions) of marketers talking about affiliate marketing and recommending thousands of products to you. But they're going to never tell which of them "> you which of them ones work and which ones don't.

Many of them will claim to form you a multi-millionaire during a day, but don’t fall for it!

If you're getting to earn income via affiliate marketing and use it as an alternative to AdSense, you would like to figure hard, and you would like a correct decision to reach a sustainable income.

If someone tells you that affiliate marketing doesn’t require any diligence, they're wrong. Likewise, if someone tells you that affiliate marketing doesn’t offer recurring income, they're also wrong.

I know that every month, no matter what, I will earn at least $5,000 from affiliate marketing. That is the minimum amount I will be able to earn because I’ve created a resilient sales funnel to sustain that quantity of income monthly.

The key to the present quite sustainable success with affiliate marketing is to recommend something that you simply personally use, and may also guide readers on how they will get an equivalent benefit. While it's true that Google doesn’t like affiliate links, they don’t mind them if you're adding value.

Takeaway: There are many sorts of affiliate marketing, and you'll choose what works for you. You can either create a blog and check out to recommend every new product in your niche, otherwise, you are often selective and recommend products that you simply are literally using while teaching your readers the way to enjoy their use.

If you're looking to realize long-term financial success without selling your soul, roll in the hay the proper way. It may be slow initially, but it'll pay off nicely within the end.

Here are a couple of hand-picked articles to assist you to find out more about affiliate marketing:

What Is Affiliate Marketing and FAQ

How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Quality Blog?

ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaker Plugin Review [30% Discount]

My intention with this text has been to point out the truth of life without AdSense. Many bloggers hand over when AdSense doesn’t work for them, and that they don’t even pursue anything.

Half of them spend months trying to urge their AdSense account approved, and that they find yourself making dumb mistakes which get their accounts banned.

If AdSense isn't working for you, let it be. Try something else. Try something which nobody else has dared to undertake. If there's a billboard network out there, the likelihood is that it’s working for somebody. Why not you? You may want to ask yourself if you are brave enough to take that risk.

If you are, then do it!

I would like to know your monetization success stories which don’t involve AdSense. Share your experience in the comments below!

If you discover this text useful, don’t forget to share it!

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