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Thursday, January 16, 2020



Google AdSense, the foremost popular monetization network for Blogger, has changed the policies for Account approved via Host partnered sites.

Getting an approved Adsense account isn't very easy until unless you're creating a top-quality site. We have shared few tutorials within the past which explains the way to get an approved account on Adsense, and if you've got missed it, here are the links:

How I got Approved Google Adsense account with one-month-old domain

And if you're new Adsense, here may be a starter guide for beginners to make Adsense account. A few months back, Adsense changed the account approval application process and nowhere is big news for people that are using 3rd party host partnered sites to urge an Adsense account.

Page Contents

  • New Process for Approved Adsense account via Host partnered sites:
  • What’s the simplest solution for Getting an approved Adsense account?

New Process for Approved Adsense account via Host partnered sites:

Earlier, there's a touch workaround for people to urge an Approved account via 3rd part sites like BlogSpot or Hubpages. (Host partner sites). All you needed to try to do is, create an account on Hubpages or BlogSpot and apply for an Adsense account using them. Once you get an approved account, you'll use Adsense on any Websites you own. This has become one among the simplest thanks to get an approved Google Adsense account, and lots of people have misused this trick to urge Adsense account and using Adsense ads on low quality or spammy site.

Host Partnered sites: Ex: BlogSpot, Hubpages (Sites which allow you to apply for Adsense and use ad codes on their domain)

Non Host partnered sites: Sites/Domain owned by you.

In a recent blog post, the Google AdSense team announced the new process using Adsense account on other domains aside from the Host partnered site. For example, if you bought an approved AdSense account via Hubpages or BlogSpot, and you would like to use it on other Websites you own (Ex: Self-hosted WordPress blog, other platforms), you would like to fill out the shape and obtain approval from Adsense team to point out ads on non-host partner Websites. Here is a politician documentation on the way to get account approval for the nonhost partnered website.

The process is same as normal Adsense account approval, where you'll enter the Nonhost partnered name in your Adsense account under Home > Account Settings > Access and authorization section > Edit “Only host sites are allowed to point out ads for your account” > Enter the new name where you would like to point out ads. Click on submit and implement ads on your site.

Adsense team will review your application then you'll be ready to use the Adsense on other sites aside from the Host partnered site. This whole process is applicable for Adsense account approved via BlogSpot or other sites that allow you to apply for Adsense account and use it to monetize your pages. Ex: Hubpages. Even if your application is rejected, you'll be ready to use Adsense on Host partnered sites. This new approval process won't affect any existing Adsense account approved via Host-partner Websites.

What’s the simplest solution for Getting an approved Adsense account?
Till now, such 3rd party sites were very helpful to urge the Approved AdSense account but now, it’s a far better idea if you apply for Adsense account directly. This way, you'll be ready to use it on unlimited sites, and you don’t get to repeat the method of getting approval again.

My recommendation would be:

  • Start a Self-hosted WordPress blog (See: Only Guide you would like to start out a Blog)
  • Make sure you create it look professional with a chic design
  • Add quality content
  • Use domain-specific email address for account sign-up
  • Create a Google Apps account

AdSense put a limitation of the minimum six-month-old domain for getting an Approved account, but I even have seen people getting an approved account with a few weeks or month old domain. Even once I applied for Adsense 4 years back, I got it with the two-month-old domain.

Useful Resources:

  • 10 Simple tips to avoid violating Adsense TOS
  • Adsense Guide For Beginners

What’s your combat new program policies for getting Adsense account via Host-partner websites? Do you think it'll help the Adsense team to take care of the standard of their Ad program or this whole process is another headache for publishers looking to urge an Adsense account. Do check out: Adsense alternative Websites.

Are you using the other trick to urge an approved Adsense account? Do share with us via Comments.

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