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Friday, January 17, 2020



Whenever we mention increasing AdSense CPC, one among the foremost common words which you'll hear is “AdSense heatmap”. In this post, I will be able to be supplying you with a quick idea about heatmap and best AdSense placement ideas.

Google AdSense is that the most trusted thanks to monetize web property. Be it a blog or a YouTube channel. One can easily increase the earning from AdSense by following the smart ad placement technique. This technique is predicated on where your website visitors are presumably to ascertain the ads and click on thereon. There are some well-known section on a blog page which might be utilized to put AdSense ads then increases the probabilities of getting more clicks and hence revenue.

For example, placing AdSense within the middle of a piece of writing will assist you to generate maximum clicks. Another documented fact is, placing Ads above the fold so that your visitors are more likely to interact with it which yields more revenue for you.

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My AdSense earnings report for 10 years – $50,580

Adsense placement is sort of tricky but its well worth the effort, as right ad placement can easily double your earnings.

How to do this?

Well, I’m sharing a couple of ways in which you'll utilize it directly. Some of them are supported available tools and a few are manual placement. Depending upon how technical you're, you'll use any of those below-mentioned techniques for smarter ad placement.

Use Ezoic for smart Ad placement:

This is perhaps one among the less-known techniques for smarter ad placement. Ezoic utilizes the synthetic intelligence to attach your blog + AdSense account for smarter placement of ads. Any blog which gets quite 20,000 page views a month can use Ezoic.

Getting started is technical but it's well well worth the effort as you'll immediately increase your earning by 60-70% overnight.

Here may be a detailed review of Ezoic and you'll apply for Ezoic using the below link.

Sign up for Ezoic

Page Contents

  • Adsense Heatmap Image:
  • Best advertisement placement guide:

Adsense Heatmap Image:

I have visited many discussion fora and scoured the internet to create this tutorial.

But first, let's check out the official Google AdSense heat map Which clearly talks about the simplest AdSense placement without annoying your readers.

Adsense Heatmap

It’s an incontrovertible fact that non-technology websites make double of the cash then technology websites reason being that reader of technology websites are cognizant of advertisement and that they generally ignore the advertisement but on the opposite hand non-technology websites like dating, astrology websites make extra money with google advertisement due to unawareness of the readers.

Another fact is when readers from technology websites read the article and that they find it useful they click on the advertisement to understand the article. While putting the advertisement does one consider the subsequent points:

Why your readers are here?

Content is more important or advertisement?

Where to keep the advertisement without hampering your reader’s point and without knocking down your advertisement.
“Smart work is always better than hard work”

You might think that I can write a far better post and obtain more organic traffic and Better traffic = Better Income. But think the opposite way of placing adverts at the proper place and at an equivalent time consider the higher quality of post thus you'll accomplish both the task: Traffic and income

Best advertisement placement guide:

Before advertisement have a glance at the utmost allowed AdSense ad units Before the post ( text advertisement have better CTR than the image advertisement at that place)

Ad placement at Top of the article header again has better Google AdSense CTR.
If you thinking only about the revenue you'll place a billboard between the content. ( Link units )
Google's look for your website is additionally an honest idea to extend some more revenue and placing Google search unit at the simplest visible place on your website would be a much better idea.
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Another few places where you'll place a billboard for better CTR:

  • Above the post
  • In between article
  • Sidebar banner

Though I will suggest place advertisement smartly without hampering your reader's view and instead of keeping empty space on your website it’s better to fill it with the advertisement.

Another AdSense posts which can assist you to enhance your revenue: 10 ways to extend AdSense CPC

Do allow us to know if you follow AdSense heatmap otherwise you have found your own best ad placement for AdSense?

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