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Missinglettr: An interesting name and maybe the name really doesn't convey how this clever AI-based social media tool could prevent many hours of labor. 

I’m pretty sure many of you'll haven't heard of Missinglettr and let me do the respect of presenting you with this leading-edge social media tool.

In this review, you'll learn the advantages of using the Missinglettr, feature, and my final recommendation.

Either way, today, you will be learning about the new league of social media tools which is using Artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our life easier.

Sounds exciting?

Let’s dive deep into this…

Page Contents

  • MissingLettr Review: How it benefits you?
  • How does Missinglettr work?
  • Automatic Add Hashtags:
  • AI-generated Clever social media content:
  • MissingLettr Features:
  • Supported platforms:
  • Automated campaign:
  • Manual campaign:
  • Default campaign settings:
  • Templates:
  • Configure the publishing time:
  • Conclusion: Missingletter review
  • MissingLettr Review: How it benefits you?

MissingLettr may be a unique social media scheduling and publishing tool, which makes social media marketing fun and straightforward for people and agencies alike.

Its uniqueness lies in it’s AI engine which automatically creates social media content from your blog post, which literally saves hundreds of hours for any bloggers, social media marketers and for agencies.

Even though the tool is marketing itself for bloggers and content creators, I believe it has bigger potential and with time we will see this expanding to a much wider audience.

For a blogger like you and me, this could potentially be a deal-breaker. It helps us to keep uniquely posting evergreen content and driving traffic to our website while maintaining the uniqueness of each social media updates.

If all this sounds interesting to you, read on to discover more about these modern social media tools.

How does Missinglettr work?
Well, Missinglettr brings forward the concept of a social media campaign which may be a widely used term among social media and digital marketers.

It lets you promote a blog post on social media like a campaign. The campaign could be for a few weeks or months, depending upon your goal with the particular article.

Here is how it works:

Create a free trial account on Missinglettr
Connect your blog and add your social media accounts
Once your blog is added to Missinglettr, it'll start automatically converting new articles into a social media campaign.

Here you have an option to accept/reject or define the campaign period. Depending upon the importance of the post, you can run this campaign for a few weeks, months or for the entire year.

You can also check the varied campaign options Under settings > schedule settings.

Here you could see or configure the period for such campaigns. (See screenshot below)

Now, once you click on the review campaign, this is where the real magic of Missinglettr starts:

Automatic Add Hashtags:

The first thing you would be doing here is, adding Hashtags that will be auto-added to all the social media posts.

Click on next, and therefore the Missinglettr AI engine will auto-create social media posts for your URL.

AI-generated Clever social media content:

This is the foremost interesting part of using this tool and maybe just to ascertain this, you ought to use Missinglettr at-least once.

You can change the quote, image or anything else with just one click. Now, within minutes you'll be ready to create and schedule plenty of unique social media updates for your blog article.

None the less, these updates will have unique images and quotes that will be scheduled throughout a long time (drip feed).

After reviewing all the updates, click on next and set the campaign start and end date.

Click on the activate campaign, and your campaign is prepared.

Now, under the active campaigns, you could see all your running and active campaigns:

Click on view schedule content to see all scheduled content on a social media calendar. You can reshuffle things if you like and do a lot more from the social media calendar section.

MissingLettr Features:

Supported platforms:

Missinglettr supports a good verity of blogging platforms that includes: WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify.

Missinglettr currently works with Twitter, Facebook (Pages and Groups) and LinkedIn (Personal and Company feed).

Automated campaign:

You can add any website within the world to Missinglettr using RSS feed and then, Missinglettr will automatically turn new articles into a social media campaign.

Manual campaign:

Apart from RSS feed, you can also add manual links to convert any article on the web to a social media campaign.

Default campaign settings:

This feature let you configure some of the account defaults such as:

  • URL Shortener
  • Default Hashtags
  • Use Meta keywords as Hashtags
  • UTM Campaign variable


Templates are the backbone of social media branding on the Missinglettr. You can configure a lot of settings here to match these auto-populated images with your brand style guide.

Configure the publishing time:

You can configure days and time for your social media campaigns. If you're using other social media tools like SocialPilot, AgoraPulse along Missinglettr, this may assist you to avoid the overlap.

Missinglettr pricing and plans:

Missinglettr is currently offering 3 different plans for various sorts of users. The below screenshot gives you an overview of various plans and features comparison:


The base plan for Missinglettr costs only $12/month which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. However, the features like advanced analytics, Automatic Quote Bubble Generation & Customization, custom campaign schedules are available on the business plan and is more feature-rich.

However, all the plan comes with 14 days free trial and you can anytime upgrade or downgrade plan after that. They even have a customer onboarding feature during which one among their representatives will assist you to find out how to form most out of Missinglettr.

Conclusion: Missingletter review
For any serious blogger and digital marketer, this is real gold!

It makes the social media content creation part fun, fast and saves tons of your time. The pricing is appropriate and complete value for money. However, this tool may not be for everyone and could be a game-changer for many. I would highly recommend you to try it dedicatedly and learn all the features to see how it could benefit you.

The 14 days free trial is the icing on the cake and will give you a complete understanding of if this tool is for you or not. You should consider spending a minimum of one hour to possess an entire overview of Missinglettr to form the foremost out of it.

Overall, this might be your next favorite social media publishing tool.

Now, it’s your turn to let me know what you think about Missinglettr. Go ahead, do this super cool Social media tool and let me know your review and feedback within the comment section below.

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