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Monday, December 23, 2019



SEO is technical, and it's only with the assistance of the proper SEO tool, you could measure if your work is being rewarded or not!

In the past few years, there has been a surge of keyword rank tracking tools that brings the right union of knowledge and user experience.

AccuRanker is one such tool that's being praised by many SEO professionals and agencies alike. I have been a long-time user of Accuranker, and it's a tool that will add value for your online business.

This is an in-depth review of AccuRanker, where you'll study all the features of this stunning looking tool.


I need to realize AccuRanker almost one and a half years back once I attended Brighton SEO.

Their design was the first thing that got the attention of many attendees, including me. That “Grumpy Tiger” is the mascot of AccuRanker.

However, the planning shouldn't always be the proper criteria to gauge the standard of anything.

Isn’t it?

This is where I signed up for 14 days of the free trial of AccuRanker, and that I was blown away with the simplicity of using this powerful and accurate Rank Tracker app. It took me only 10-15 minutes for the initial setup, and that they showed the ranking of keywords within a couple of seconds.

Such a blazing fast response was something I even have never experienced before during a rank tracking tool.

Now, after one year of regularly using it, it's become my go-to app for tracking Keyword ranking.

Before I share the way to start with AccuRanker, let’s learn about the features offered by this

Page Contents

  • AccuRanker Review: Features that make it special
  • AccuRanker dashboard:
  • Keyword dashboard:
  • Multiple search engine & locale:
  • 3rd Party Integration:
  • Share of Voice (SOV):
  • See Keyword Ranking history:
  • More AccuRanker feature:
  • Accuranker pricing:
  • Conclusion: AccuRanker review
  • AccuRanker
  • Local Google
  • On-demand Keyword refresh
  • 3rd Party integration
  • Pros
  • Cons

AccuRanker Review: Features that make it special

AccuRanker is a cloud-based tool to monitor website keyword rankings. Along with this, you'll compare your ranking together with your competitors and it also allows you to see the performance of your competitors.

If you run multiple websites, you'll track the ranking of all domains from one account.

This is a beat one tool for checking Keyword rankings.

It automatically updates the ranking of your tracked keyword daily, and you furthermore may have the choice to ascertain on-demand ranking. AccuRanker also provides you with the SERP snapshot.

AccuRanker is developed with two goals in the mind:

AccuRanker is designed to be fast, and it takes only a couple of seconds to urge the results.
At an equivalent time, AccuRanker is user-friendly, enabling all employees within an organization to access and operate it efficiently.
With these two philosophies, this is often now one among the leading rank trackers on the market.

Apart from a couple of mentioned features above, here are some of the notable feature of AccuRanker:

AccuRanker dashboard:
AccuRanker dashboard is the first page that you would usually be interacting with after the initial setup. This page has everything you would like to understand your website ranking.

Stuff like:

  • Share of voice (Explained below)
  • Ranking distribution
  • Average rank
  • Data from Google Analytics

And more…

I have explained some of these features in detail below.

Keyword dashboard:
This is where most of the action is going to be happening for seeing individual keyword or keyword group performance.

See the screenshot below or just check-in for a free trial to experience it of your own.

It is vital that you simply tag your keywords once you add them for tracking. You can use tags like:

  • Money keyword
  • Traffic keywords
  • $Category Keywords
  • Coupon keywords

And so on.

This helps tons within the end of the day and measure the info that matters. Moreover, you'll easily sort the ranking supported tags.

Since the various sections of internet sites now require different SEO strategies, this type of keyword tracking and grouping will assist you to stay focused.

To give you an idea, here is how I’m adding tags:

Tagging also helps in tracking Share of voice (voice) for individual tags. You will study SOV within the further section.

Multiple search engine & locale:
You can check global or local rankings with multiple locations for Google and Bing. The process to feature multiple locations is fast, and you'll add multiple locales.

At an equivalent time, you'll add tags to arrange your keyword tracking better. Adding tags also helps in multiple ways in which we'll see within the further section of this review post.

3rd Party Integration:
AccuRanker may be a data-centric tool that also provides integration with many popular services like Google Analytics, Google Search console, Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio to call a couple of.

Connecting AccuRanker to your Google Analytics account will provide more in-depth data like Est. visitors per keyword and Landing pages/Tag cloud data for professional users.

Connecting AccuRanker to your Google Search Console account will enable you to simply import your keywords.

Connecting both Google Analytics and Google Search Console in your AccuRanker Account will allow you to ascertain estimated visitors per keyword and keywords potential.

Share of Voice (SOV):

Share of Voice is an underlooked and under-utilized metrics by many SEO professionals and AccuRanker makes it easier for us to form sense out of it.

You will be ready to monitor your website performance in organic search on the idea of SOV.

So what is SOV?

Glad that you asked!

Share of Voice (SoV) is an indicator of how your most vital keywords are performing. All keywords that rank between positions 1 to twenty are used for the calculation.

The average CTR for the position is multiplied by the search volume of every keyword, allowing you to ascertain if high traffic keywords are losing or gaining ranks. 

If you would like to find out more about SOV, you ought to read these two guides:

Share of voice feature on AccuRanker
How to Calculate SOV for organic search by Moz
Share of voice on AccuRanker is also available for tags and individual keywords.

You have a choice to ignore keywords from SOV Calculations.

See Keyword Ranking history:

AccuRanker also allows you to see the ranking history of your tracked keywords. At an equivalent time, you'll compare the ranking together with your competitors.

SERP Feature and SERP Snapshot:

With Accuranker, you'll easily see which all SERP feature is out there for any keyword, and it also stores the SERP Snapshot.

More AccuRanker feature:
Apart from these, there are more features like comparing rank with competitors, analyzing top pages, and other data-driven metrics, which will help you provide accurate tracking of your website ranking.

Now, I leave all this for you to explore.

If you want to learn more about how to start using AccuRanker, you'll read the snippet on the AccuRanker deal page.

Accuranker pricing:
For any individuals or agencies, the pricing of such a tool is the deal-breaker. AccuRanker is priced at the industry standard, and therefore the extra features (mentioned above) make it value for money.

The pricing is predicated on the number of keywords you would like to trace and therefore the cheapest plan costs about $71/month when paid yearly.

There is one important thing you should know about the number of keywords:

So, let’s say you would like to trace a keyword and let’s call it “Blue marbles.” Now, if you track that keyword on desktop and mobile, and on two different locations, it will cost you 4 keywords.

So once you add a keyword for tracking, confirm you choose the device and site that matters the foremost. You can anytime upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Conclusion: AccuRanker review
I may be doing a video review soon, except for now, let me conclude the ultimate review of AccuRanker.

AccuRanker is fast, accurate, and complete value for money. The union of great user experience and a strong engine make it one of the simplest rank tracking tools on the earth.

The team is proactive, and that they are constantly adding new features. Pricing is acceptable and maybe a complete value for money.

Try AccuRanker for Free
Now, it’s your address try AccuRanker and let me know your review and knowledge of using it.

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