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Top ten Traffic Exchange Sites and Networks of 2019

Top ten Traffic Exchange Sites and Networks of 2019


A traffic exchange web site receives web site submissions from webmasters that be part of traffic exchange networks. The one that submitted the web site then needs to browse alternative member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, that alter their sites to be viewed by alternative members through the surf system. This will increase the number of tourists to all or any of the sites concerned.

Exchanges enforce a precise credit quantitative relation, that illustrates the quantity {of web sites|of internet sites} the natator should read to receive one hit through the program for his or her promoted website. Many sites provide the flexibility to upgrade one's membership level for a lot of equal credit quantitative relations.

As the viewer's area unit all web site homeowners or affiliates, it's attainable that some would possibly notice sure member sites attention-grabbing and therefore build a note of them on their own sites, sending more traffic their way. Most traffic programs additionally impose a cut-off date once members area unit browsing, starting from ten seconds to sixty seconds. Some incorporate the employment of captcha to make sure user interaction.
Almost all traffic exchange programs area unit free, though several of them provide special options to paid members and provide credits for purchase. Almost all traffic exchange programs encourage users to create their own referral networks, that successively will increase the referrers' range of credits.

The traffic generated in a very traffic exchange will be leveraged by employing a downline builder to help the user in building a referral network within the many alternative traffic exchanges.
In observe, traffic exchange programs area unit usually utilized by little business homeowners or marketers UN agency either need free advertising or use the exchange programs for inexpensive advertisement campaigns.

Top 10 Traffic Exchange sites and Networks

Here we have a tendency to take a glance at the highest ten traffic exchange sites and networks that publishers will use to extend their web site traffic numbers.

1) 10KHits

Founded in 2011, 10KHits is one among the foremost most well-liked traffic exchanges that doesn't simply deliver free web site visits however additionally pays organic traffic. It is not terribly complicated associate degreed offers free web site traffic for basic users too and additionally has an possibility of 2 plans from that one will choose- that's the Pro or Business Plan. It additionally has a number of the foremost gorgeous options that not all exchanges give and these embrace organic traffic, geo-targeting, social traffic, anonymous or maybe direct traffic and bounce rate reduction to the minimal. Other than that, it also has a 24*7 customer support that is always there to assist. Also, it has some really good reviews and people seem to be happy with its service.

2) Hitleap

Known for providing straightforward solutions to customers to earn free traffic, Hitleap lets you earn free traffic in just three simple steps which starts with their customers submitting their website to them, customers observation alternative members’ web site and reciprocally, they too can watch the customer’s web site. It is pretty simple and convenient. They are additionally terribly versatile to the customers’ demands and might either earn free traffic or obtain them and that they may also customize the degree of traffic they'd want to receive.

3) Rank Boost

A traffic exchange site, Rank Boostup has been in the field since 2007, and is quite known and favored. Their advanced platform adds mobile traffic into the conglomeration that helps you rank higher on mobile devices and that they additionally permit white-label traffic, that is, you can decide where your traffic comes from- be it Google, Facebook, Pinterest or others. They reduce bounce rates to a minimum because they allow you to set what percentage of visitors you had wanted to navigate to another page on your website or click a link on the page. You can also choose a visitor duration, that is you can set how long or how short do you want a visitor to stay.

4) Otohits

A simple, quick and economical platform, Otohits is one among the simplest autosurfs with a transparent UI, that's altogether free and that they hide the referrer on your sites too. They provide a really fast validation of your websites, even automatic for certain websites and do not even include much of issues and assured smooth and quick registration and other processes. It has a very unique autosurf engine and they allow you to customize the duration of visitors.

5) Elite Autosurf

They are quite known and appreciated too, even though they do not have a custom timer to offer, that is the customer cannot select the period they want the visitors to stay on their site for. The same is set 10 seconds, providing you with six hits a minute and with a ratio of .5, the same means that you get to earn three credits per minute. Another major and purpose are that they need weekly contests for referrals, that's a giant chance to realize the traffic.
6) Twistrix
A selling and disapproval tool, Twistrix is accepted and established and offers Powerful Traffic Exchange, Email selling, Downline Builder and Social Integration so that you can brand and build. They can cater to your web site} consistent flow of holidaymakers to your site, splash page, squeeze page, blog, social pages and additional. They have tons additional to supply like Banner and text ads advertising on distinguished locations across the positioning and quality is assured as a result of neither is it new and has been in the same business since 2007, and nor are they going to compromise of results because they have new customers joining in, relying on them, every second.

7) Easy Hits4U

Established in 2003, Easy Hits4U does not only have a very strong worldwide recognition and reputation with over 7,90,000 registered members, it is one of the most prominent free manual traffic exchange sites. It assists you within the promotion of your own website/blog, referral/affiliate links from alternative programs to make your downlines. It works in a pretty straightforward manner, that is, as a user, you can earn credits for surfing websites on 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and as a return your website is shown up to the number of alternative users within the exchange network.

8) Traffic G

It certainly is one of the bests because of its exceptionally low visitor to page ratios, because some sites continue to send the same people to your site again and again however they are doing not do a similar, as a result of the mix of their high surfers and groundbreaking traffic exchange system permits a flow of changing guests. They promote unlimited sites, and banners and supply a free listing within the TrafficG directory. Also, they are doing sell traffic for as less as $7 and supply exceptionally sensible upgrade choices at simply $4.66.

9)Traffic Monsoon

This exchange features a 2:1 magnitude relation and a 20-second timer on water sport, but it does allow automatic rotators. It doesn’t require a login to surf. It’s been steadily growing from month to month and broke 20 million hits tracked as of June 2015.

10)TE Racing League

This exchange features a somewhat rocky history, going up and down in hits from month to month, taking a dive in May. They have a 3:1 magnitude relation however solely a 5-second timer.

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Should You be Using Traffic Exchange Programs

Every coin has 2 sides so will traffic exchange. It undoubtedly will provide an oversized variety of visits to your weblog however they viewers don't be it for long, probably 5 – 10 seconds and it’s very high bounce rate traffic. These views don't have high conversion rates as a result of they largely run to gather as several points/credits to realize traffic for his or her websites. Also, if you have Adsense ads on your blog, make it a point to not use traffic exchange programs at all for that might lead you to be shunned by Adsense and you losing your revenue. Traffic exchange sites and programs make use of iframes to display your website and Google will undoubtedly recognize it.

AdSense on Traffic Exchanges

Google disallows using AdSense on Traffic Exchanges. Users United Nations agency would like to advertise their websites on a traffic exchange however even have AdSense ads ought to produce separate pages for advertising in traffic exchanges that don't have AdSense ads.

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