Friday, November 1, 2019

iPhone, iPad users complain iOS thirteen.2 is killing background apps, tasks oftentimes

iPhone, iPad users complain iOS thirteen.2 is killing background apps, tasks oftentimes

Several iPhone and iPad users have complained that iOS thirteen.2 is killing apps and tasks running within the background oftentimes even once tons of your time has not passed.


  • Apple free iOS thirteen.2 late last month.
  • Users area unit complaining concerning RAM management problems in iOS thirteen.2.
  • iOS 13.2 is killing apps running in background oftentimes.

Apple unrolled iOS thirteen.2 to its iPhones earlier in the week. iOS 13.2 not solely brought support for Apple AirPods professional and announce messages options for AirPods to iPhones however it conjointly brought Deep Fusion, the advanced image process system that uses A13 chipset to provide pictures with lower noise and higher details in low light-weight conditions, to iPhone eleven series smartphones. Now, inside per week once its roll out users have started complaining concerning RAM management problems within the latest version of Apple's mobile package.

MacRumors has compiled a listing of complaints whereby users have listed specific incidents whereby iOS thirteen.2 has resulted in their background apps losing progress once shift to additional memory-intensive apps like Camera and iMessages, particularly within the iPhone eleven series smartphones. These problems, as per the user complaints, appear to be touching a variety of apps like Instagram, Gmail YouTube, and Apple's own expedition.

Notably, these complaints don't seem to be restricted to MacRumours' forum however variety of Apple users have conjointly shared their problems Apple's support forum. "On iOS 13.2, my expedition page refresh each time once there's a user action on the applying, say I have a flip camera practicality on the online application & by tape recording flip camera expedition browser is refreshing the page & loading a recent, this behavior is determined once change my iPhone to iOS thirteen.2 version," AN Apple user, joshua0708, wrote on Apple forum.

"I am conjointly having an equivalent issue on my iPad professional (3rd Generation). going expedition -- even for a short moment -- will cause the webpages to reload. I wasn't having this issue on iPadOS thirteen.1.3. I'm conjointly finding that the Mail app refreshes additional typically. There looks to be a RAM management issue with this latest version of iPadOS. It's frustrating that these bugs persist and new bugs emerge with later "more polished" versions of iOS/iPadOS thirteen," wrote another user, TonygBaker.

Apart from the users, app developers and designers conjointly supplemental to the oral communication and shared their finish of the story:

Dealing with a bug that severely affects your iPhone's ability to multitask has be implausibly frustrating, particularly if you're losing out on necessary items of labor mails or unfold sheets. Hopefully, Apple can fix this bug in a very future update before long.

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